Small Business Social Media Marketing Tip 3

Presented by http://www.etelligentstrategies.com eTelligent Strategies is excited to announce the launch of our Socialize Your Biz Video Campaign. The campai…
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  1. etelligentstrategies says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your great tip with us!

  2. Melissa Evans says:

    Great advice! But now we have pinterest, if pictures is an advantage for
    your business. Use pinterest.

  3. etelligentstrategies says:

    @CharlieVandersluys You’re more than welcome!

  4. lylizm says:

    Well presented. Good info. I subbed would apprecaite the same. Thanks for
    doing quick and simple tips!

  5. Charles Vandersluys says:

    Thanks for the tip. Charles

  6. etelligentstrategies says:

    Thank you! I appreciate your comment! -Tracy 🙂

  7. etelligentstrategies says:

    @airwavesdc Also love your videos and energy, thank you for your insight!
    Restaurants and realtors are indeed perfect for using YouTube, and also for
    Facebook, I think! Evelyn with eTelligent Strategies

  8. Rebecca Happy says:

    what a great tip…I never would have thought that FB would be the choice
    for retail but it does make sense. Rebecca Happy~the connector gal

  9. etelligentstrategies says:

    @RebeccaHappy Thank you for your comment!:) I guess Facebook makes sense
    for all types of business that want to engage their customers/clients and
    build more trust through regular and authentic interactions! Evelyn with
    eTelligent Strategies

  10. Iola Farahkhan says:

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  11. etelligentstrategies says:

    Thank you for your comment and we’re glad you liked the tip!

  12. etelligentstrategies says:

    @azzarbprime1 Thank you for your nice comment!

  13. AnimateYourLogo says:

    Nice stuff Tracy! You are really good on camera.

  14. Smart Marketing Montreal says:

    Nicely done and presensted!

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