25 Replies to “Skinheads Recruiting Your Children?”

  1. Oh, my heart has suffered great pain since good and dear Skeilak was taken
    away. The first 3 days I could barely breath, the loss was devastating, I
    refused to accept that it was true. The next 3 weeks were terribly
    difficult and now, it has been 3 months. Sometimes I miss him so much it
    hurts. He is a superior person, smart and well educated. I miss reading his
    writing very much…..and other things. If only he would come back..He
    broke my heart.

  2. Code their message??? Top kek everyone knows what 1488 means. All of the
    internet. Which is now pretty much everyone today. Some secret code. But
    yes we are growing, There is nothing you can do about it!

  3. These are not in any way skinheads, they are boneheads… At least they
    said racist skinheads and not simply skinheads.

  4. Almost no one believes in God these says. It’s people like them that don’t
    understand that there is only one ruler…God.

  5. When you challenge them They pose off and call for back up. One on one they
    can’t do shit. But they will fight you in groups. Shows you how cowardly
    these idiots are. 

  6. it’s good that he says ”The Racists Skinheads” Because it’s more
    skinheads that isn’t racists!

  7. modern West World idiots whitout brain they never learned send all the
    idiots to Afganistan after one day there crying like a kid ,ı will
    back to my home to momys arms :)))))

  8. These idiots always hid behind those sheets because they were afraid to
    show their face in public. Today, they hide in the woods, only to prove
    they are scared. They have nothing better to do than to talk shit about
    things they know nothing about such as black people and Jews. So they just
    make up hate lies about them and say that the KKK has done nothing wrong.
    The KKK will always hide their face because they are too scared to see the
    reality of what they have caused.

  9. little place called the Kraków Ghetto? jews were forced to work like
    slaves. That and the fact you admit to being a German slave: ‘because I can
    assure you that I am happy with the Führer’. Need i say more?

  10. You need hope no longer, because I can assure you that I am happy with the
    Führer and all of our martyred comrades who are on the other side. No, I am
    not Ukrainian. But if I were, I would be proud of it. You are wrong.
    Germans see Ukrainians as Ukrainians. Germans are very hard-working people,
    and need no slaves to do their work, unlike jews.

  11. your ‘truths’ are little more fascist propaganda, And why do you hate Islam
    and Judaism so much? Their both at each others necks and their are so many
    more problems in the world than the Jews. Another thing is Nazis ‘hot’ do
    you get sexual please from people dying? And why did the Nazis invade eh?
    because Hitler got greedy that’s why and Hitler him self was half Jew his
    grandmother was a Jew so he him self should have been killed. Hitler just
    needed a group to point a finger at.

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