Silver Sell Off: September 2011

www.youtube.com Silver sells off in September as margin requirements are hiked once again. CNBC covers up the truth as to why precious metals sold off stating that traders are taking profits and the metals run might be coming to an end. Do not believe the BS, GOLD & SILVER are still the best investment you can be in right now. Both GOLD & SILVER holding their value on eBay, people still pay -40 per ounce for SILVER. Minting companies have halted sales of physical silver and are starting to implement their own prices that reflect the demand for physical not the futures prices on Wall Street. Federal Reserve looking to implement software that would monitor social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Official statement saying that the Fed wants to know what the public thinks about its practices. Federal Reserve article: www.cnbc.com
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  1. look2explore says:

    hey, gov has been monitoring for months… Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, PayPal, Ebay, most of these institutions are censored… including cable, phone,,,,
    god bless!

  2. CurrencyCollapse says:

    @CurrencyCollapse One thing is for certain the current 53:1 silver to gold ratio is unrealistic. Like I said there are no official figures for the above ground silver but if we compare the below ground estimates we have a ratio of 10:1 silver to gold. There are an estimated 17 billion ounces of silver & 1.7 billion ounces of gold below ground. So you could make the argument that the price of silver today should be $165 rather than $31.

  3. CurrencyCollapse says:

    @Station2066 Great comment, I must correct you about the never ending supply of silver, while there certainly is more silver in the ground than gold. The majority of silver produced annually is consumed. For instance last year only 10% of the billion ounces of silver produced was allocated towards bullion holdings. The other 90% was consumed. While there are no official figures as to how much above ground silver there is, there are estimates as to how much below ground silver & gold there is.

  4. Station2066 says:

    I’m not sure about your figures. Very extreme speculating.
    I still believe gold is and will remain a good investment, where silver will be unstable on market price. There is still an never ending supply of silver.. this will most probably force prices to drop, lag and slowly creep up again.
    Ebay prices on precious metals, would be a value prices. There is a difference between market price and market value.
    Your age group would benifit holding on to silver. Say 30 years down the line.

  5. geraci89 says:

    Can anyone tell me what the total margin requirements are for each of gold and silver?? I always keep hearing they get raised and 21% and 16% or whatever…but what are the totals? thanks

  6. TheMmakk says:

    How are stocks worthless? There is a massive opportunity to make money until the fiat crashes (could take couple/few years).

    $72k for gold is a bold claim (speculation), where you getting that figure from.

  7. kcrone1 says:

    I was okay listening until you started:::

    1) Quoting ebays inflated prices as telling what the market is buying physical at..,, give me a break!

    2) You said gold will go to a minimum 15,000/oz.

    3) Gold could go as high as 72,000/oz.

    4) Silver should go to 375/oz.

    5) Big brother conspiracy.

    6) Blah, Blah, Blah,,,no rational reasoning what so ever!

    But I guess I did what until the end….o well everyone loves a good bullshitter!

  8. 1newdennis says:

    Your 3 4 time of saying your sorry is getting thin.Now quit that..your too good and young to start that bad habit.

  9. ronbee2001 says:

    Silver is obviously the better value right now. All you have to know is that throughout history silver every decade trades between 50:1 and 16:1 to gold. Right now it’s 45:1 so either gold is overvalued or silver is undervalued. Smart money is on buying silver and trading silver for gold when ratio narrows to at least 20:1. I own gold but right now silver is just a better value. Don’t believe the hype.

  10. amazingwebb says:

    I’m buying silver lol. CASE CLOSED! But i have to do it now…WE DON’T MIND BEING PATIENT man. Keep doing research

  11. sidkings says:

    Excellent video, it makes so much sense. It feels so good holding physical silver/gold…

  12. L9PoloPa says:

    im in switzerland. i can buy at the bank physical gold n silver for the paper price. i bought 1kg of silver at 28usd price. however in paris, the silver eagle is priced everywhere at 36euros minimum.

  13. DontTread0nMe1776 says:

    APMEX claims to have more ASEs and Maples coming in Oct 7, $35–36.50 depending on how many you buy. I still think silver will break $50 by the end of they year.

  14. markreginald says:

    Keep up the good work!

  15. JohnnyBGood11 says:

    I came up with those same numbers of 37-40 for silver american eagles on ebay..the night the markets did the margin hikes last Sunday I picked up sum ameican eagles for $33 an oz..american eagles & maples hold their vaule carry about 6-8 dollar prem.

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