‘Share A Coke’ campaign …Coca Cola, a marketing genius!!!

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  1. HashSlingingSlicer says:

    Share a coke with NoOne

  2. Vee Dizzle says:

    Share a Coke with Diabetes! 

  3. Brian-Gabriel Ndubuisi says:

    Marketing GENIUS!! I want to be like you when I grow up 

  4. nuria puig says:

    Amazing campaign!! We have to admit they have the best Marketers on earth!!
    A pitty the sell such a crappy product.

  5. Area Comunicazione e Informatica says:

    ‘Share A Coke’: Un case history di successo http://youtu.be/2X8Bd3-G6IU

  6. Elias Orozco says:

    WAKE UP , do not drink it

  7. Worst Man says:

    Mother of marketing :D

  8. Freddy says:

    Poor Pepsi

  9. Aussie TV says:

    I didn’t see Jack and that is one of the most popular names :(

  10. ksj2511 says:

    if you really care think they should stop producing coke. get us a
    healthier drink. how much more money do u really need?

  11. Xavier Evans says:

    How do u share a coke?

  12. Israel Alí Guardiola Gonzalez says:

    a great strategy to increase sales!!!

  13. Elias Orozco says:

    Be aware it is drug!
    Dont make them richer…

  14. TheJokerGuyz says:

    share a coke. new video about coke pepsi

  15. UniPro Education Pvt Ltd says:

    ‘Share A Coke’ campaign …Coca Cola, a marketing genius!!!


  16. Arden Kitomari says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  17. dilyana27 says:

    This purely sad. What coke actually does to your body is scary. In this
    crazy world where we supposedly “care” so much about our health, a company
    like Coca Cola is encouraging people to drink more coke. The campaign isn’t
    even that good. Thinking about the scale and resources of the company, they
    could have done better.

  18. CNW Media says:

    Coca-Cola spends billions of dollars on advertising every year. With this
    online campaign, they got the world to advertise for them for free!

  19. Astri Wardhani says:

    #Nice #Idea 

  20. tuan minh tran says:
  21. lissa hem says:

    not good 

  22. Michael de Beer says:

    Coke does it again … #Coke #marketing 

  23. Ishak Mohd says:

    Would you like to be a Coca Cola?

  24. paul mcgrath says:


  25. Quirin Stephanie says:

    Temper Trap…Sweet Disposition the name of the song @1.15

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