Setting Goals – With a little help from Mark Hoverson and Zig Ziglar

http://www.TheresaMoss.com 215-933-9286 As someone who has experienced tremendous growth in 2009 personally and professionally, I am taking my experience a s…
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  1. neverstopsringing says:

    Hang on Theresa….. just another second….I know it’s…….. here…somewhere…ahhhhh, there it is, my Journal! I knew it was hiding here somewhere. I had been wanting to write in one for years, finally bought one about 8 months ago and I have yet to write anything in it. I like the idea of writing down todays accomplishments [if any] and tomorrows goals. Thanks for the spark, just what I needed. No more procrastinating!


  2. Theresa Moss says:

    Hi Nick,
    Sorry I have been lax in responding. So much to do 🙂 Anyway, thanks so much for your kind words! ANd glad you are beginning to ENJOY a bit!

  3. thebeachbumlife says:

    Ahhh Goals and Expectations. Great Stuff Theresa. Your right. The past is the past. I think it’s important to set goals and let go of your expectations. I haven’t attained my biggest goal yet, but I’ve been reminding myself of it for TWO YEARS. It is so close I can taste it. I let go of my expectations and I’m enjoying the process.

    Thanks Theresa

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