Seth Riggs – Speech Level Singing CHapter 1 Exercise 12

Seth Riggs – Speech Level Singing CHapter 1 Exercise 12

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  1. Songstuff says:

    Added to the Songstuff Channel

  2. MissGiselaLee says:

    Brett was taught by Seth Riggs

  3. thandolakhe says:

    Thanks for posting these videos. They help a lot. This is what I have been looking for. Keep them coming man. God bless you.

  4. colinius says:

    brett was taught by seth

  5. magu0117 says:

    So brett has the exact same exercises as Seth?

  6. lavasca22 says:

    These exercises are the same as Brett Manning’s!

  7. Mushroom57 says:

    i feel gigannnntic!
    gonna burst a veeiiin!

    wow this stuff works, thanks!

  8. HT0WNfemaleSLABryder says:

    glad it helped

  9. flash2speed says:

    nice video…helped a lot
    found big difference

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