See Description 1958.12.06 – Hip Hip-Hurry! (Jones) MM – The Road Runner Show by 0vignesh0

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  1. VAKAS467 says:

    3:57-3:57 SWAG

  2. VAKAS467 says:


  3. VAKAS467 says:


  4. chevytruckguy6605 says:

    My favorite one is when the book of matches explodes in the Coyote’s face and he spikes them on the ground in disgust. LOL! This cartoon seems to have more slapstick humor than the others also.

  5. waltlantz says:

    wierd i remember less music in this one

  6. kibble9 says:

    You draw it.

  7. MadDogAirPirate says:

    This is one of the cartoons that starts to break one of the cardinal rules: the roadrunner isn’t supposed to ever directly harm the coyote. They had the road runner trip in this one, and in subsequent cartoons they’d often have the roadrunner dropping rocks or more actively participating in the disaster that ensued. Usually Wile E. Coyote is to fall victim to the poor ACME products or his own lack of planning… or even just bad luck or insane happenings.

  8. fromthesidelines says:

    Six of the studio’s cartoons [including two “Road Runner” entries] produced during this period were “scored” through Capitol’s “Hi-Q” production music library {compiled by Seely}, primarily because of the 1958 musician’s strike.

  9. drshock007 says:

    just like in real life

  10. MegaBanana101 says:

    How do you write visual gags on a script? I imagine it’s very hard.

  11. CommandoBenSky says:

    How Speedy Gonzalas Was Born 4:16 4:58

  12. NewYorkS4U says:

    The last bit is hilarious.

  13. SteveCarras says:

    “Music JOHN SEELY”
    DigitXXX-unbeli+++us-aka Roadrunner voiced by Paul Julian.Seely licensed these at Capitol and for five earlier because of a musicians strike [also a recession was in place at the time.]

  14. cd637299 says:

    Although this one is not remembered much, the mouse gag is my favorite Coyote moment of all….the poor thing is zipping around, then looking at us, as if to say, “What in the world am I DOING??!?!”

  15. BigEasyWinger says:

    1:58 - IDEA!!!!

  16. STP43FAN1 says:

    The best part of this one is the use of the “canned” score, which doesn’t sonically describe the action like most cartoon scores do but instead flavors it and is also noticeably more of a straight-up action score.

  17. MarioPartyFan01 says:


  18. asdxar says:

    great upload 🙂 love the bit with the speed boat XD

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