Here’s our first video from our first album “Clarity.” Working on our second album and hopefully more videos to come! Video by Tyler Hutchins Guy – Ryan Lee Girl – River Bruce DOWNLOAD OUR MUSIC HERE: seamless.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com seamless.bandcamp.com http seamlessmerch.bigcartel.com seamlessmetal@gmail.com Members: Jeremy Priest – Guitar Austin Sublett – Guitar, Vocals Zach Deaton – Bass, Saxophone Adam Simpson – Drums Micah Reynolds – Vocals, Keys, Samples, Live Sound Music Produced by Sporadic Studios www.facebook.com For any questions about making a video for your band or any other video production contact Tyler Hutchins on his Facebook or Twitter! www.facebook.com twitter.com a Cleverly Named Productions video

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  1. seamlessmetal says:

    Jeremy didn’t show up on time like a little baby. So we shot it without him!

  2. analyzedwithin says:

    Very cool video! This was definitely re-recorded and I love it!

  3. Ian Parker says:

    so much swag, gentlemen. but if that was you, then who was phone?? aka where tf was jeremy??????

  4. WaitFollowMe says:

    This video was so titties awesome that I want to get some titties and rub my titties on those titties.

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