Scams & Multi Level Marketing # RANT #

Who has ever been sucked into joining one of those multi-level marketing schemes or scams ? I Have……Over the years I’ve been caught many times.You name i…
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  1. Raggy Ragsdale says:

    I’ve been in a few including AmWay….. Most of them were Losers everystep
    of the way….. two of them were okay, I made money and in one instance the
    product worked exactly as promised…. I still take the one product as it
    gave me my hands, arms and ability to play guitar again after losing the
    muscles in my arms…. It also allows my wife to still play and teach
    piano…. her arthritis was crippling ….. so we still use the
    product…… But it took too much time and money to travel and Show The
    Plan to prospects….. I quit the MLM’s….. loved the experience and
    friends…. but I just wanted to use my time in more personal and selfish
    ways……. the product that still is providing the benefits….. costs us
    nearly 200 bucks a month ….. the medication we no longer have to take
    costs over 2000 a month…. so in our case it was worth it…. plus I make
    several times more money than I spent on products…. My brother is a
    medical doctor and he got suckered into buying in the the magnetic beds,
    bracelets, chairs, mats, etc….. they milked him outta nearly 50 thousand
    grand…. he could afford it being a doctor but when they ran the blinds
    and all the actual real science tests…… he found out he had been
    screwed royally……. Like I say…… I have been in several…. like
    you, I won’t get in another one….. but too many MLM groups are just a
    scam and total rip off…. but the products help some folks now and
    again…… like us….. so it’s worth it ten time over….. but most
    people get there asses bored out…. and one of the tricks is to get the
    suckers to believe in the product……. to the point that they never dare
    admit, even to themselves that they have been had….. I took my stuff to
    our doctor when she asked what we were doing…. because our physical turn
    arounds were not just in our minds….. she had years of blood work and
    tests to see that something physical had changed…… I played my guitar
    for her and she and her nurse started (still do) using the product …. Do
    I still do the business end of it? No…… I won’t even tell my friends
    and family what we are doing….. mainly because they honestly can’t afford
    it…… but if we stopped….. our bills would increase hundreds of
    dollars a week….. where we only pay about 40 now…….. So to each his
    or her own…. when friends and family call to recruit or “prospect” us I
    tell them Thanks, but they need people willing to travel the miles, to
    meeting and the monster pep rallies to keep pumped up…… we’re happy,
    using but not selling….. and not advertising the product….. As a matter
    of fact I have talked about this experience more here in this comment than
    I have in over five years……. MLM’s are definitely not for
    everyone…… they’re sure as hell not for me anymore…. but I know
    people are easily convinced that their “Dreams” are more important than
    their finances, business ability or ease in communicating with “Cold
    Contacts” doesn’t that sound better than Strangers? Oh, yeah…. and when
    you talk to people don’t be stupid and tell them what you called
    about…… try something like…… Hey Ed? How would you like to make
    more money? or Could you use more money?” Hell Ed….. that works better on
    snagging people that red worms work on fish!!!! Like you, I’ve been there
    and done that, drove the miles, drew the circles, had the gathering… put
    out fewer chairs… it looks better to have to drag out more for the
    crowd….. both of’em…….. Oh, yeah…. preach it Bro.!!! I agree 100
    percent….. if people think the damned products cost money wait til they
    discover they have to also by the tools and promote them downline >>>>>>
    Bitch hit da fan den………. One of you Best Rants ever…. informative
    and right on target. Raggy 

  2. ShelleneTv says:

    I never been in a scam and I hope I never will lol… sorry it happened to
    you hope it never happens again. Have a nice weekend 

  3. The Fat Aussie BaRstard says:

    Note to self…don’t wear a green tshirt when using a green screen for
    chroma-key ;)

  4. moomay 1946 says:

    wow ed! sounds horrific!!! my hubby got caught up in one like these
    except it was to “rent” a timeshare anywhere in the world. in the end it
    cost him over $ 20,000 dollars!
    and another $ 4,000 to get some company just like the schemer’s to “buy” it
    from him.
    kisses via air mail all the way to australia,

  5. GrahamAndFriends says:

    I like some of the Amway products.

  6. Raggy Ragsdale says:

    Hell Ed! This has brought back memories!!! Gotta share a couple with you
    cause you’ve been had too…… My brother put me into two MLM’s paid for
    my enrollment and kit (let’s not forget that reality). He (my esteemed up
    line told me to “fake it til you make it….. ” I went direct in less than
    60 days in both of them (you will know what that means) He called me to say
    that he did not get paid that month (close to two grand) I laughed and told
    him, of course you didn’t…. you freakin’ broke a direct……… I’m
    getting that money this month (which I did) but I understood the MLM system
    we were in…. he did not…… I immediately told him, still
    laughing…… Bro….. I’m breaking two directs in the same leg this
    month… which means I can kiss the freakin’ money good bye myself (which I
    did)….. it gets funnier, but we never made another dime in either direct
    sales group again….. they still kept pulling our product money and direct
    shipping the shit…… in the early day’s it was easy to get in but a
    bitch to get out. And, again, you are one of the few who will understand
    this……. you had to qualify And have the right number of points…..
    then……. four weeks later you were scheduled to go into payment
    rotations…….. (sound familiar)? That’s why I never had a problem with
    how Ad Sense is set up….. I was totally educated as to how and why the
    program works as it does…… that is why I have never had a problem with
    the system…… and as you know…… it’s a Hell of a lot more rewarding
    in every way than any MLM I was ever a part of. I do the same the same
    thing now in a way…… except I don’t have to pay to make videos……
    don’t have to make a certain number or certain kind… I see it as the MLM
    of my dreams….. cause everything I learned in MLMs has proved to be the
    education I needed for what I’m doing now……… and as we’ve heard
    Jewels with all kinds of titles say….. “AIN’T IT GREAT!!!!” It’s funny
    now, but when people don’t understand that MLM’s are 24/7 to be
    successful… that first rude awakening is a bitch……. Raggy 

  7. DibbersPage says:

    Never fell into these traps and after watching this video i’m glad i never
    did, rip off merchants the lot of em H&R Bro

  8. watchdogcentral says:

    I remember quite a few of these pyramid schemes by people who i knew that
    were trying them. They even used to invite their friends to these so called
    Wasn’t much of a party but a conference speech talking bullshit for 30 mins
    about the glory of these amazing products that no one wants.
    Then there is the catalog schemes where you have to work 24 hours a day to
    not even break even, i guess they run off the gullible people because they
    never run out of them

  9. Ralph K'sFun Days says:

    if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

  10. hysonly says:

    Good rant Ed. I say like Dee, lost some money and learned my lesson.

  11. undeadtrev says:

    Are you sure about that Ed, I’ve got a great new product just for you…yes
    it is overpriced but mate I know you need it 🙂 lol MLM no thanks, never
    gone there.

  12. Woggy Flush says:

    I totally agree with you, Ed! Some distant relative of mine was involved
    with a certain toothpaste and liquid soap seller (I won’t tell the
    company’s name), and after some first initial success, he became the most
    hated member of our family, and he lost all his friends. And his success
    crumbled away, and he got into serious debt. At the end, he had to leave
    the country! I’m not kidding. He’s now living in a remote spot in Southern
    Europe, where the sun always shines,and the authorities will leave you in
    peace, “for a friendly word” every now and then.

  13. dee tom says:

    yup, been there done that LOL lost some money and learned my lesson. I now
    listen to If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Although, I did like
    some Amway products one being the toothpaste :))))

  14. V PHOENIX says:

    yeh its bad shit hey ed, what you need is a product that you can make
    yourself, cut out the middleman and sell it as high or as little priced as
    you want..

    i’ve got an idea for you that you might be interested in, you can make your
    own medicinal korean wine, its a korean wine made for medicinal purposes,
    and experts even claim that broken bones will heal twice as fast after
    drinking the wine.

    the wine is called “tongsul wine” korean experts swear by it, here’s a
    video on how it’s made, and it’s really simple,the wine can sometimes be
    ready for drinking in just 1 week. 🙂


    be sure to enable captions won’t you 🙂

    the video even shows a museum that depicts a part of the “tongsul wine”
    making process 🙂

    show your kids, i’m sure they will enjoy the video :)

  15. GrumpSkull says:

    Hey Ed, Do you want to buy a jar of my Magic Bullshit? It’s $50 but well
    worth it. You will be cured from ever being scammed again.

  16. reekashade says:

    AWESOME JOB ,LOVED IT (¯v´¯) that was Fantastic my friend……BIG LIKE!
    •.¸¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨) BIG HUGS •.¸ ¸. OF •´¸.•´¨) RESPECT
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ ..♥♥ Love,peace,harmony & eternal light… Reeka ♥♥(¸.•´ (¸.•´
    ..♥ )

  17. TheVidkid67 says:

    That’s all it is exploitation.

  18. evancortez2 says:

    I had a friend who joined Amway like 20 years ago, I remember he tried to
    sell me some stuff, can’t remember what though, something, but I didn’t buy

  19. shaneconlan1 says:

    Enough said. Great video mate.

  20. still7geo says:

    The pendents looked like chocolate! I only was one time recruited to join
    the scheme but I turned it down. I surely wouldn’t want to recruit friends
    or family to join up. You can quit your job! Yeah right. No wonder friends
    will run away from ya selling this junk.

  21. paperweightgirl says:

    Amway seemed promising, but you are right, a total waste of peoples time. 

  22. bluesharp59 says:

    Thumbs up as always my friend. Have a great Sunday.

  23. TheVidkid67 says:

    Fucking Amway, know them well mate, it’s what we called pyramid selling.

  24. countoreilly3 says:

    I have never fallen for one, making money is never easy

  25. ProCaztinate says:

    hahaha ahh Ed you’ve done it again. I’ll be sure to stay clear of these
    blood sucking parasites, they sound worse than chuggers and chunts!

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