Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung Galaxy Beam

Article by Laura Sheldon

One of the most unique phones to grace the industry, the Samsung Galaxy Beam has something like no other. Bringing technology to a whole new level the Beam is one of a kind and proud of it.

Samsung are always looking to expand their mass of mobiles and are always improving their technology and features and they sure have outdone any previous mobile with this Beam. Featuring a brand new feature this Beam is packed with an incredible nHD Projector. Reaching up to 50 Inches you can share videos, movies, games, pages, messages, music and so much more onto any flat surface, inside and out. Turn movie nights into cinema nights, add life to any party and spice up any room with some beautiful photos or designs, adding ambience to any situation.

Perfect for everyone parents can share videos of family, grandparents can re-live their favourite memories, the kids can play games or watch movies and when its is bedtime everyone can enjoy some beautiful colours, patterns and soothing sounds projected right above your head.

Operated by Android you can find Movies, Games, Books and Apps to enjoy on the bigger screen, for all ages and something that everyone will enjoy the choices are incredible. Download to you Beam and save on the huge 8GB internal memory, all without hassle and fuss. No need to worry about space with that mammoth space but if you were to run out then no worries, just pop in a Micro SD Card into the Memory Card slot and let your storage space expand u to a huge 32GB.

Everything can be viewed on the 4 Inch TFT Touch screen so you can view everything you want to share before you put your phone into Over Head Projector Mode. Make sure things are to the quality you want them or you have selected the right things before you share.

Not the slimmest of mobiles but created perfectly to house the OHP this phone has a unique design and look. With a bright yellow colouring around the outside of this handset it has an eye catching design so people are instantly drawn in, and then the unique shape is noticed where the Projector is hidden and the secrets are revealed.

The Samsung Galaxy Collection is known for being an amazing set of phones but with even more added very swiftly it can only get better. The next after the Beam was the Samsung galaxy S3 and that really has taken the industry by storm, so will the Beam be able to stand in its brother phones shoes?

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