sami zaatari refutes answering islam david wood sam shamoun

was muhammad bewitched ? does black magic on the prophet muhammad disprove his prophethood? david wood and sam shamoun as usual have been refuted by sami zaa…
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  1. hmd jjaja says:

    Jesus: Mathew chapter 4 he was with satan 

  2. Muhamad Kamil says:

    david wood is the best joker. Believe me

  3. Papa Noelle says:

    Funny to see the muslims always jumping to jesus to prove that mohammed is
    a prophet. “Is Jesus God?” cannot be an answer to “Is mohammed a prophet?”

  4. Ali N. says:

    Are you friggin kidding me??!!! I don’t know which one is a more
    embarrassing explanation.

  5. m0eLeBNaN says:

    Allahu Akbar!!!!

  6. SmellsLikeUTube says:

    Sam and David justified their point. Mohammed was under a spell, how can a
    prophet be under a spell for one year? BEWITCHED, that means he was owned
    by the devil. Satan tempted Jesus and what Jesus replied him: Don’t test
    the lord, your god. 

  7. Tom Lessing says:

    If being bewitched (with black magic) and being tempted are the same thing,
    then Muslims themselves are bewitched. Or are they never tempted? Jesus was
    not bewitched; He was tempted. There’s a big difference between the two.

  8. Robin S says:

    Satan could not deceive Jesus Christ while he was able to deceive Mohd.

  9. Terri Sellay says:

    Saami Zaatari pathetic response to David Wood and Sam Shamoun is laughable.
    It flat states he was bewitched plain and simple, but like clockwork
    Muslims try there damnedest to weasel out of it and come up with the
    idiotic explanation that Sammi Zaatari spouted off.

  10. quranresponse says:
  11. Roger Nelson says:
  12. Jacob Johnson says:
  13. Jacob Johnson says:
  14. ARMYofJESUSisISLAM Yildiz says:
  15. wathiq husain says:

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