Saltine CHALLENGE (VideoBlog47)

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  1. Heldern4ever says:

    echt wel die heb je gewoon wel

  2. jhofmans says:

    Baby food challenge plezzzzz

  3. smmatthee says:

    6 crackers? really how hard can it be to eat 6 crackers in one minute

  4. jacobblack123ish says:

    They have because they did it improper. First, when they did it the started freaking hyperventaleting. So, yeah. I chocked them cause there idiots. IT DOES NOT KILL YOU IF YOU DO IT RIGHT! lol

  5. cjriah says:

    Come on I’m fourteen and completed the saltine challenge

  6. nikki downs says:

    Baby food challenge

  7. nikki downs says:

    Baby food challenge

  8. toontowngirl321 says:

    Is this just eating saltine crackers

  9. GlitterMix says:

    im pretty sure someone has died from it

  10. Ritvars Timenieks says:

    Prove it!

  11. gymnasticsolympics says:

    why didnt any of them crumble the into their mouh

  12. iraj94 says:


  13. ilovelola454 says:

    that is absolutely untrue. there has been NO deaths from the cinnamon challenge. EVER. look it up. yes it is dangerous because it can cause coughing, gagging, and burning but that happens when you throw up too doesn’t it? people don’t die from throwing up. the cinnamon challenge is only dangerous for people with diabetes, allergies related to cinnamon or high blood sugar. Don’t say people have died from it when you wouldn’t know. i would think people wouldn’t be so stupid to lie or assume deaths

  14. coolstorybrahh100 says:

    I’ve done it…. I’m still alive. And water helped.

  15. KittensMonsters says:

    well i have done it and nothing much happend?

  16. Laura Fletch says:

    DON’T DO THE SALT AND ICE CHALLENGE!! It can give you second to third degree burns.

  17. Laura Fletch says:

    Each one eat for ten seconds.

  18. pipercat7 says:

    did i see at 0:52 cinnamon and tea spoons? CINNAMON CHALLENGE!

  19. Hollyglitter says:

    5 people got thirsty doing this

  20. kellycakeee says:

    Woahh I forgot all about this challenge… I did that in middle school! Haha.

  21. bitchesbetrippenx says:

    Can you crush them up before you eat them because that would be easier because you don’t have to chew as much

  22. Reesepr13 says:

    Whats your projection!?’

  23. lulumcbee says:

    They just uploaded a cinnamon challenge 🙂

  24. kicktrickz1 says:

    easy my brother can do 25 in 60sec

  25. AwsomeGirl1120 says:

    I can probroly Eat 10 of thoses in 60 seconds!

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