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Joanne Black, author of No More Cold Calling, joins us to talk about the interaction between social media and sales: it’s not all LinkedIn and Twitter! 01:00 Joanne’s Nightmare Social Media Story 02:15 Kevin introduces Joanne Black, author of No More Cold Calling 03:30 Joanne defines social media for sales professionals. 04:15 Defining referrals as a warm introduction. 05:15 How do referrals and LinkedIn complement each other? 06:00 Social media is never a place to sell, it is a place to communicate and build relationships. 07:00 People do business with people , not technology. 08:00 Allow some of your personality to show through in social media. 10:00 Put a smile on your social media profile. 10:30 Keys to operating on LinkedIn: professional photos, personalize your introduction, and avoiding automated referral suggestions. 15:00 Should sales reps avoid selling on social media sites, especially if you are selling lists? 16:15 There is power in being genuine and helpful within social media. 17:15 Paring down your network within LinkedIn 18:30 Make a priority out of turning online connections into offline relationships. 19:30 March 7th, 1876: telephones do not crash! 20:00 Hiding behind the technology curtain. 21:15 The addiction of technology. 22:00 The broader definition of social media: do not forget email. 25:00 Best practices: determine your social media strategy and correlate to your business strategy, have a social media ambassador, create sticky metrics, manage the
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