Sad Alice Said – Open your eyes(720)

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  1. SupremeDarkKnight says:

    @Mariah Wester well said

  2. UDAVv0 says:


  3. Dooshnstuff says:

    It’s the voices in his head…..

  4. Hal Löws says:

    i might actually be in love with this.

  5. caradis says:

    this is epic! is there any plans to release a cd cause i would buy it

  6. tenoreyequetis says:

    What a beautiful voice~! 🙂

  7. worldstrider says:

    USA here…first time I have heard of you guys. Really nice working together of the instruments and love the vocalist.

    I’ll give more listen too the lyrics of some of your songs. love what I’ve hear so far.

    In mixing, the main vocals could have been made a little more prominent and sharp.

    Thoroughly pleasant to listen to. Nice work!

  8. fallen0from0grace says:

    Great song! And the singer is very beautiful

  9. UDAVv0 says:

    One I can not hear background vocals?!

  10. xxUltraFreakxx says:

    Funny how the background vocals are better than the front vocals

  11. LolLordPancho says:

    great song people don’t let noobs get you down!

  12. Alros57 says:

    I’m really falling in love of this song and this voice!
    God Damn it, why aren’t you more famous! Really great!!!!

  13. Samuel Caldwell says:

    Excellent. Moar pleez

  14. Zdenka Formánková says:

    This is a most beuatiful song ! *In love* 🙂

  15. Samuel Pãozinho says:

    pseudo gógós morangos com açucar

  16. lelijakkk says:

    all of them are so beautiful ;o

  17. JokersKnightOut says:

    This does sound like an incredibly good song. It’s getting my attention well.

  18. NeuronMasturbation says:

    The violin parts are just to die for,but there’s something about the song as a whole that just can’t get me hooked.However,it’s a very good song!

  19. nojoke0310 says:

    not my kind a music but still talent

  20. BreedRed says:

    Well done! Calm in the storm.

  21. diras2010 says:

    this is a pretty good band, the song is nice and the mix of violin/piano/gothic is truly amazing, the singer voice is soft like a lullaby, but i would have preferred a more powerful ‘open your eyes’ part, i could have been amazing

  22. Enoch Horus says:

    Great Music, Cant believe I never heard this band sooner!! The Violin, Symphonic, and ethereal vocals with metal make for a truly epic sound!! Hope to hear a lot more from this band!

  23. VoXe63 says:

    Couldn’t agree more, haha!

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