Sad Alice Said – Open your eyes(720)

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23 Replies to “Sad Alice Said – Open your eyes(720)”

  1. USA here…first time I have heard of you guys. Really nice working together of the instruments and love the vocalist.

    I’ll give more listen too the lyrics of some of your songs. love what I’ve hear so far.

    In mixing, the main vocals could have been made a little more prominent and sharp.

    Thoroughly pleasant to listen to. Nice work!

  2. The violin parts are just to die for,but there’s something about the song as a whole that just can’t get me hooked.However,it’s a very good song!

  3. this is a pretty good band, the song is nice and the mix of violin/piano/gothic is truly amazing, the singer voice is soft like a lullaby, but i would have preferred a more powerful ‘open your eyes’ part, i could have been amazing

  4. Great Music, Cant believe I never heard this band sooner!! The Violin, Symphonic, and ethereal vocals with metal make for a truly epic sound!! Hope to hear a lot more from this band!

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