Ryan Star – Brand new day (Lie To Me Theme Song) Lyrics

“Brand New Day” is a song by singer-songwriter Ryan Star. This song is featured in Star’s second studio album 11:59 (2009), the first being Songs from the Eye of an Elephant. The song was also featured on Star’s EP album along with Last Train Home, Right Now, and This Could Be The Year. The EP was released June 16, 2009 before the whole album came out. This song is also featured as the theme song for the TV series Lie to Me. (by Wikipedia) Label: Atlantic Records Writer: Ryan Star Producer: Tommy Lee

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  1. 1948788 says:

    fuck that jersey shore took high ratings and lie to me is stopped what happend to people

  2. piretmets says:

    why thankyou 

  3. Brandon Colandrea says:

    true dat

  4. Shastaphirre says:

    It’s a conspiracy. It always is.

  5. tomtom21194 says:

    It’s a brand new day love

  6. Brandon Colandrea says:

    i try but i got some number in la and they put me thru to the comments line but thats it, but im still searching

  7. annette72004 says:

    my teacher showed this in summer school… first time i ever saw it.. im pissed it got canceled. the episode “funhouse” from season 3 wad the best. oh the memories

  8. Shastaphirre says:

    Hmm… I can’t find a way to contact them! Crap!

  9. Brandon Colandrea says:

    i agree

  10. nozominokibouhakanaw says:


  11. Shastaphirre says:

    We should all send emails to the producers asking to bring it back. If a lot of people do it, then they may consider it more.
    I’m sending in my email. Feel free to do the same.

  12. Guilio McEwan says:

    Love this tune it goes so well with the programe

  13. ilikecoldcase says:

    Why don’t you send in related items to the producers of Lie To Me that were connected with the show, can’t think of anything right now but thats what I’m trying to do for Cold Case so why not for Lie to me aswell? so much decent tv is being canceled these days

  14. rheinzer2 says:

    wow really, that’s the best you can come up with?go lay by your dish, you had to stretch way too far on that one and must be worn out.

  15. jirosei8 says:

    it was brawler not brother.

  16. JeisinX says:

    False. Lie to me was cancelled because Fox was worried that people would start hiring Dr. Lightman to figure out all their lies.

  17. BlackRose8971 says:

    Second best. I liked that series too.

  18. dan hill says:

    how i met your mother is still going new season starts next week

  19. TheKFish says:

    False, Lost was the best series.

  20. TheKFish says:

    No, the ratings were not good enough. I LOVED season one! It was fantastic, season 2 was pretty good, but season 3 kinda fell apart and was not that good but it still was a great show overall

  21. kiopopopoirereiuiii says:


  22. eight216 says:

    Im betting its because of all the pictures of famous people bull-shiting, if nothing else that’s got to get a few people wondering

  23. WolfgalThatlove says:

    I want this song to be played at my funeral, thumbs up if you agree.

  24. hungry12345678910 says:

    just like scrubs how i met your mother and the office

  25. BlackRose8971 says:

    no, it WAS the best series 🙁 so disappointing when they cancelled it

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