Ryan Shelton Investigationing: Scammers

Ryan Shelton investigates Scammers

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  1. TheFrostJoker says:


  2. MrMrUm says:

    “what rugs?”

    hahaahaha lol

  3. breezysurfin says:

    so good haha love ryan and hamish & andy

  4. kimmay1996 says:

    he should deserve so much more, ryan you are amazing,,,,,,,,!!!!

  5. spoty212 says:

    hundreadners lol

  6. Elfie260993 says:

    Haha! Ryan Shelton is soo funny! He’s my fave in Rove =P

  7. Meegeeee says:

    love the chiko top hahah

  8. Lexiimon says:

    lets get em.
    oh, shit no. too much traffic.

  9. MrsCaptnJackSparrow says:

    “Owned by brothers Shamus and Randy” lmao

  10. TisJokar says:

    Hahaha Hundredares
    I love hamish, andy and ryan

  11. Sebella28 says:

    “What Rugs?” – Andy

    LOL I Love this 😀

  12. CL1Pmaster says:

    “thanks, and don’t keep the change.” LOL so funny i dont get why ppl dont laughed

  13. Elena W. says:

    1.47 xD

  14. JJroxxdahouse says:

    i lopve helen clark

  15. gomoaus says:

    haha awesome

  16. georgiastaceyy says:

    lmao 1:53

  17. 004308 says:

    LOL Shamish and Randy

  18. XxxHannahvxxX says:

    what rugs?
    haha hamish, andy and ryan are soo funny

  19. gilmour5 says:

    “thanks, and dont keep the change”

  20. ille326 says:

    So you’re telling me you’re not profeting from selling these rugs?

    What rugs?  LOL

  21. lindeehh123 says:

    wtfaaaaaaaack. whats with the homo bigymac if its a joke then say something else because some peoples do not take that kind of jokes so watch it .

  22. Seamo15 says:

    Haha sorry correction on my comment, your my real hero bigymac22, what a great person you must be going around calling people homos, i wish i could lower my intelligence so i could have the stupidity to do that myself, i dont know how you manage to find time to do such a worthwhile activity, or could it be you might just have nothing else to do and you may just be a sad, boring person who has nothing better or to do than leave stupid comments.

  23. Danjiruto says:

    oh and calling me a homo dosen’t make me 1, maybe ur trying to hide the fact ur 1 and trying to act all tough because 4 all we know u can be 1 sick little pussy that just crawled out of your god damn shithole mothers ass. oh and just to tell u the truth… i’d rather b a homo than be a motherless dog like u

  24. Danjiruto says:

    wow real mature Big Mac. judging by your channel u must really like fights, i hate people like u, so thick in the head thinking everything can be solved with just your fists, news flash dude the world is changing, we no longer live in the cavemen era.

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