Ryan Lee/Titanium

This is a video I made about Ryan Lee witch goes along with the song Titanium Hope u like it (=

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  1. apostoLia apLa says:

    only 5ft tall?? :O

  2. XxHollyKennyFanxX says:

    AbbeyLove7 I hate people like you! Thinking you know EVERYTHING and MORE than other fans!! Every fan is different and will always stick together… But YOU!!! You need to get over yourself!

  3. ChloeTheRyanette says:

    Hah you people are perfectic.

  4. ChloeTheRyanette says:

    love are you BLIND

  5. Lee2785991 says:

    Does the video Titanium is from a movie? If yes can you tell me the name of it? Seem legit

  6. Superpandababyqwerty says:

    He is THE tiney (and sexy) bucket of fun!

  7. laughandjiggle says:

    Ryan Lee, Joel Courtney ,And Zack Mills are ALL FOLLOWING MEEE on twitter!! :DD

  8. AbbeyLover7 says:

    i know more about him than anyone I’m his biggest fan

  9. Abzimiss says:

    its Cary… just sayin… but its okay 😉

  10. jessicadann95 says:

    i know im not the one that put that my friend gets on my account sometimes and she is a fan and thinks she knows all about him. Dont worry this is me though and my account lol but yeah i know that… she doesn’t lol

  11. 123xxbmbxx321 says:

    actualy its Ryan SCOTT Lee not james

  12. plumetie67 says:

    j’adore ryan lee 😀

  13. FillionDollarSmile says:

    Ryan is following me too 😀

  14. FillionDollarSmile says:

    Looks at Pic at 0:49…. *Faits*
    LOVE Ryan :D

  15. smilesillyboi says:

    RyanLee And Joel Courtney Is Following Me On Twitter 😀
    Follow me @shaunajay1

  16. jessicadann95 says:

    U dont know who the love of my life is!!!!!!!!! he is the hottest guys in the world i love him so much <3 AND AGAIN HOW DO U NOT KNOW KNOW WHO RYAN JAMES LEE IS?! lol jp

  17. hopetycricket says:

    Ryan is so gorgeous forever watching Super 8 for him and Joel Courtney <3

  18. bigfrogggyeyes says:

    Who is this dude??

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