Ryan Lee’s embarrassing moment.

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  1. swinterglow says:

    good friend of mine..he hate girls that are wanting to marry him WOWEE!!! bam!!! i liked his retainer…though his funny when he puts it on…Im lucky to say hi to him once in a while

  2. Erica James says:

    i love ryan lee!!! and yeah…. i agree, it should be ryanator..lol

  3. ThePinkZebraCupcake says:

    i heard of ryanettes too! so many ;__;

  4. nikolinenikko says:

    Maybe a Ryanator

  5. IttyBittyFangirl says:


  6. IttyBittyFangirl says:


  7. chupchup146 says:

    He’s really funny <3<3 🙂

  8. countrygirl3378 says:

    luv ryan

  9. TheYodamaster101 says:


  10. ThePinkZebraCupcake says:

    I bet one of his super-fans would enjoy that ^_____^ also, does anyone know what Ryan’s fans are called? (Joel=JoelLanders) is it Ryanologists? 😮

  11. luigifan72 says:

    omg i have the exact same retainer case! but mines orange): if i was that chick, i really wouldnt care if i got hit in the face with your retainer haha

  12. 24wildmonkey25 says:

    Hahaha omg adorable<333

  13. Watymel says:

    <3 hahaha!! I hate retainers, but i cant wait to get braces! and I <3 ryan lee

  14. gummibearzgrl99 says:

    he’s so cute 🙂

  15. LGinc1 says:

    that’s really funny but its good that hes truthful about it cause it will make him feel better about it too (saying chick can sometimes be offensive)

  16. Super8FanForever says:

    I have that thingger ma bob too!!!! God mine flew out too and hit my friend and she started freaking out cuz it’s gross…I LOVE U RYAN!!!!!!!!!

  17. ryanleeswifey123 says:

    They just flew out and hit the chick in the face……not weird at all. Ryan Lee (:

  18. scruffy5523 says:

    ryan u are sssssssssssssooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. xXkookieatzcloudzXx says:

    offical-ryan-lee-fan-page.spru­z.com <----His offical fan page!!

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