Ryan Lee vs Neocons

Fan made this. I love it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. LedaOhio5 says:

    @Rys2sense The facial expressions on you and them here cracking me up yet again!

  2. LedaOhio5 says:

    @rys2sense LOL Thanks.. I approved it.. This vid was the first that came to mind when I saw the NEO RP vid. I’ve been spending the day uploading Misleading Pro Romney ADS.. When the video is actually anti Romney.. TItles like YOUR CHOICE ROMNEY! and yet it’s all about his BS.. Making sure the tags titles etc are not mentioning anything paul etc.. Maybe youtube will not whack them down and some Pro Romney peeps will get a whiff of reality that way????

  3. ohkaybear says:


  4. 22CaliberHitters says:


  5. paris466 says:

    OK… I liked this. Well done to whoever made it.

  6. walterwz says:

    Awesome video but not nearly as good as the real Ryan.

  7. INEXORABLE247 says:

    lol nice one

  8. mizzinlink says:

    Thanx for the nice comments you all :)

  9. scottishbadboytracks says:

    LMFAO!! Top notch

  10. hailtotheking324 says:

    Ryan Dawson For President

  11. CRYPTICmessenger says:

    Psychological Kung Fu?

  12. BabylonsKing says:

    Who is Ryan supposed to be?

  13. 7miranda says:

    I love it too! …always knew you were a star!

  14. rossym123 says:


  15. TheAmusingHeckler says:

    Too bad this really didn’t happen I would love to see the Neocons take a good shit beating from Ryan

  16. dnafragment says:

    Excellent & funny vid dude. WTF 1 dislike… I wonder if that person is Doug…. 😉 he seems to keep an eye on the net

  17. Mustyrat says:

    lol. epic.

  18. anyonefindAMERICA1 says:

    Ryan lee against the asshat that thumbed down. Must have been obama.

  19. CaptainJoeZurlo says:

    Hysterical! I love it!

  20. UndergroundGemz says:

    Hell yeah!

  21. 007feedback says:

    Way to kick some neocohn ass 😀

  22. 3CooperBoys says:


  23. BrettakaKatana says:


  24. dragnet53 says:

    ROFL that was good. is the video from the movie bossman?

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