Ryan Lee Talks “Super 8” and Boy Scouts at the Academy of Awesome Launch Party

For more on Ryan Lee and the Academy of Awesome Tour, check out celebsecrets4u.com Follow Us on Twitter! http CelebSecrets4U and CelebSecrets4U headed out to Paul Frank’s Academy of Awesome Launch Party in West Hollywood, CA, where we talked to Ryan Lee about his new film, Super 8, which is now playing in theaters.
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  1. ziggydon100 says:

    he’s the boy fron titanium

  2. swinterglow says:

    in ur dreams he doesnt like girls tht lie!

  3. swinterglow says:

    bad luck hes mine! im not crazy hes just perfect to be friends with me:)

  4. swinterglow says:

    he likes me coz im a good friend and not crazy so hahaahha get a life!:P

  5. MaverageTL says:

    Ryan Lee is the best actor I’ve ever seen. He’s just awesome, and I really want to know him (as a friend), because he seems so fun to hang out with, and so down to earth. 🙂

  6. MaverageTL says:

    And you are not? hahah.

  7. Lauren Cook says:

    Ryan Lee’s my husband:)

  8. swinterglow says:

    yeah right get a life so hes mine forever!
    no one loves him but me…he only likes girls tht are MATURE and honourable and kind not weirdo and crazy about him

  9. swinterglow says:

    bad luck b**ch hes mine soz
    but you can take someone else
    so yeah
    ummmm, hes way perfect for me not you

  10. mintyfreshswagger27 says:

    So funny!

  11. ICONicboyz371 says:

    y r u older then me !!! im 10 god wat the heck!!

  12. XxHollyKennyFanxX says:

    TheBrody707 Of course he’s not YOURS!! God.. He’s married loads of his fans on twitter ( like me ) and I’m sure he will carry onto! But he doesn’t BELONG to you…

  13. tippylalamiss21 says:

    he says he’s a boy scout! 🙂

  14. tippylalamiss21 says:

    what song is it by chris brown?

  15. JulianaDaggett says:

    do you want proof? do u have a twitter? or an email? i can send u the screenshot or u can check my favorites on twitter.

  16. IttyBittyFangirl says:

    Well, he agreed to marry me the other day…

  17. TheBrody707 says:


  18. Sephora14J says:

    What?? ->> 1:35 : I’m boy…
    What does he say?

  19. iloveDavidtaylor000 says:

    Bullshit u wish

  20. krauskrazy27 says:


  21. ThePinkZebraCupcake says:


  22. Collinismine says:

    His eyes are so pretty-33;D I live Ryan Lee-33

  23. mustang809 says:

    He is so hot

  24. JulianaDaggett says:

    Ryan Lee told me he loved me over twitter last week-33(: I criedd I was so happy!

  25. PotterWeaslyGranger says:

    Hahahaha he’s so funny. He’s really good at making people laugh (:

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