Ryan Lee (Super 8) Is into Girly Girls!

www.teen.com Super 8’s Ryan Lee is a total prankster, but also the sweetest thing ever! You seriously won’t believe what hilarious (yet slightly gross) prank he pulled on the set… Nor will you believe his reaction to landing his role in Super 8, what he really thinks about Elle Fanning and whether or not he’s into dating girly girls. Plus, we can’t help but heart him even more for totally showing us some Twitter love while he was on his way to to our interview. We love ya, too, @_ryanlee_! Liked this video? RATE & SUBSCRIBE! *Awesome Sites* teen.com http alloy.com *Be Our Friend!* http facebook.com twitter.com facebook.com twitter.com facebook.com

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  1. lawjoanne says:

    I love you Ryan

  2. FillionDollarSmile says:

    @pearzthegr8 Yes it is 🙂

  3. nicnsyd says:


  4. nicnsyd says:

    He’s cue

  5. pearzthegr8 says:

    boy in titanium?

  6. SonXe says:

    cut you tooth

  7. GeoRaur says:

    <3 hes cuteeeee !

  8. MelGreenday12 says:

    1:04 *_* <3 Jajjaja xD

  9. MelGreenday12 says:

    <3 :_

  10. nia14200 says:

    SOOO HOT!!!!!

  11. xleahaax says:

    love u ryan xxxxxxxx love him xxx

  12. ducking22ducks says:

    are you ryan the one in david guetta album tatanium

  13. xxMiOcrazYxx says:

    Ryan is so cute!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

  14. xxMiOcrazYxx says:

    @cutie03xx You’re so right!!! He’s so cute♥

  15. NavyStarStruck says:

    AWWWWWWWW xxx He is ssssoooooo CUTE xxx I love him xxxxx XD

  16. cutie03xx says:

    People that think he’s ugly are nothing. He is gorgeous and his teeth make him even cuter! I’d love to go out with him so haters can just sit down and give him respect!

  17. GothicHearts05 says:

    I met him… Okay I didn’t.. But there was security guards in my way

  18. MrSplatpaint says:

    my sister LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. TheCookie8866 says:

    um… no im not on teen.com but… go on! lurve you <3 xx

  20. YoshiiKlein says:

    i love ryan lee 😀

  21. iloveDavidtaylor000 says:

    Ryan is sooooooooooooooooooooooo hooooot

  22. ForeverEmilia says:

    1:04 😀

  23. 2010JaneKelly says:

    @JohnnyDeppManiac2000 How can u say that he is really sweet and cute

  24. jblove1587 says:

    @JohnnyDeppManiac2000 do you know? you are disgusting!

  25. Coolgirl1011011 says:


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