Ryan Lee ‘Super 8’ Interview

Watch Super 8 Trailer – youtu.be Facebook.com – Become a Fan! Twitter.com – Follow Us! Ryan Lee stopped by the ClevverTV Lounge to talk about his new movie ‘Super 8’, the plot of the film, how his character “Cary” fits into the film, filming action sequences, the mystery behind the audition process, playing an April Fools prank on director JJ Abrams, working with Elle Fanning, seeing the film and why viewers should see the film when it hits theaters on June 10th, 2011.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 475Mileylover says:

    He is fit. ._.

  2. FillionDollarSmile says:

    @ICPinkFuzzyBunnies I agree he has big teeth but when he was in the Titanium Music video i was very attracted to him for some reason lol 😛 😛 Who cares about how someone looks… I dont !! Not that he looks bad or anything.

  3. moyishamay says:

    Check out ‘Super 8’ SWEDED!!!

  4. likubaisawesome says:

    look at those teeth.

  5. jacqueshewitt says:

    Isn’t he in the video if titanium

  6. GeoRaur says:

    Hes so cuuute:B,

  7. CorzRezi says:

    My name is Brinna im on my brothers computer i watch super 8 ALL THE TIME i love JOEL COURTNEY and Ryan LEE oh and Gabriel Griffths they r hot i really want to meet them i have photos of them in my bedroom. OMG Elle Fanning is a FREAK in we bought a zoo but that movie is the best JOEL AND RYAN MOVE TO AUSTRALIA SYDNEY AND LIVE NEXT DOOR TO ME luv you guys so much

  8. Wrathrun says:

    @iamtitaniumDI “her” is a him.

  9. Wrathrun says:

    @TheMaxi3234 you mean he used to go to your school…. he blew up your school remember?

  10. samissoawesomelike says:

    @TheMaxi3234 HAHA COOL

  11. TheCookie8866 says:


  12. dannywayrulez says:

    Ryan does go to westwood

  13. TheMaxi3234 says:

    @abbiemarshallvevo westwood highschool look it up.

  14. Modz4uOnCoD says:

    @TheMaxi3234 and mine

  15. abbiemarshallvevo says:

    @TheMaxi3234 obvs a lie

  16. chupchup146 says:

    I am a big fan of Ryan Lee and Super 8!! <3 Love it alot!!!

  17. ellakitch says:

    I love Ryan lee

  18. iamtitaniumDI says:

    i love it his smile are sweet:D

  19. iamtitaniumDI says:

    i like her voice is very sweet and i don´t know i like it

  20. bailey36709 says:

    @ICPinkFuzzyBunnies IKRR!! lol

  21. bailey36709 says:

    @TheMaxi3234 REALLY???

  22. iamtitaniumDI says:

    i like this guy he is very funny:)

  23. Dale21166 says:

    wow his teeth are massive i could land a helicopter on those bad boys !!!

  24. DemonDan125 says:

    the movie is really good

  25. 81turdnugget says:

    ryan lee bring on the firecrackers

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