Ryan Lee Singing Baby

Ryan Lee singing “Baby” by Justin Bieber on Ustream
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  1. Erica James says:

    I LOVE RYAN!!!

  2. ericrkorandy says:


  3. plumetie67 says:

    I have not gotten the message ryan lee is talking to me?
    no, even when not if?!
    lol but it’s true I did not understand why you say weird 🙂

  4. EnigmaNightHaunter says:

    this is ryan lee…..awkward….

  5. brilliantlildiva says:

    Hes sooo hawt!!

  6. sunshine00241 says:


  7. sticklemiss says:

    this is probably why the SWAT are after him in titanium

  8. bellabugg5613 says:

    His eyes look so preetttyyyy

  9. plumetie67 says:

    I love everything about lee ryan 🙂 plus it is my favorite star = D!

  10. chupchup146 says:

    hahaha 🙂

  11. nikolinenikko says:

    Yes, i want hes heart<3

  12. TheCookie8866 says:

    you just replaced the guy i loved! <3

  13. xdkk10312 says:

    So cute! I almost died laughing.

  14. moicmoi29 says:

    ok lol

  15. moicmoi29 says:

    Yes it is !!!

  16. moicmoi29 says:

    maybe dsl (sorry) i speack english a little !!!!!!(i’m french)  lol 🙂

  17. jod125 says:

    what do you mean?

  18. jod125 says:

    ye!!! thats Joel Courtney

  19. countrygirl3378 says:

    ryan is like so cute. but.he is lime my shorr bff

  20. marion46300 says:


  21. 896alyssa says:

    The guyy behind him is hella hott!(:

  22. elvira2704 says:

    q moono q ess, y graciosoo!!!

  23. fioremilagros says:

    jajajaja ♥

  24. TheSamantha787 says:

    how could you hate Oo

  25. ThePinkZebraCupcake says:

    quit hating -.-

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