Ryan Lee on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2

Jimmy Kimmel Live – The second part of Jimmy’s interview with Ryan Lee

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  1. FillionDollarSmile says:

    I may just have to Marry Him XD !

  2. FillionDollarSmile says:

    It means someone from another country 😛

  3. moyishamay says:

    We make a lil fun of Ryan in this hilarious parody of ‘Super 8’, check out: “SWEDED- Super 8”

  4. YocoolKids says:

    Pretty late reply, but it was heard that meeting evil was one of them straight to DVD films (according to IMDB), I know in the UK it comes out in May, so just look around for it on DVD.

  5. Icybeatsback2back says:

    scary how i saw him at my school o.O

  6. AhoyButternuts11 says:

    i love his teeth. hes so cute!

  7. gps433fool says:

    can someone please tell me what “foreigner” is?

  8. cassandratjheu says:

    he is sooooo funny , hot and sexy
    i just love him !!!! <3

  9. ThePinkZebraCupcake says:

    his eyes in this video are blue, I guess the camera was too far to see for sure 🙂

  10. ThePinkZebraCupcake says:

    back the eff up! can’t wait to hear him say that, no lie<3

  11. nellbaker133 says:

    wait, in this video ryan has brown eyes… but he has blue eyes

  12. ElleonOnline says:

    I love this dude, he’s charmingly funny 🙂

  13. phillipethehobo says:

    Shut the f up!!!!! LOLLOLOLOLOL

  14. 12SydneyB says:

    anyone knows when meeting evil is gonna come out

  15. mustang809 says:

    I’ve seen super 8 20 times because I want to see Ryan and I also love the movie and Joel Courtney is cute to

  16. kickerz23 says:

    I’m sad the polar bear in Lost will never be explained.

  17. monkeyslikepineapple says:

    hes so hott! i love his personality

  18. lindseycat1 says:


  19. ILoveRyanLee1 says:

    He is so cute!!

  20. ragonnichols says:

    Australians scare me lol

  21. wowitsava4 says:

    i l0ve him

  22. PotterWeaslyGranger says:

    I love him!!!! 😉

  23. MzBeckiexbear says:

    he hilarious <3:P

  24. jessicadann95 says:

    stop muking around lol
    ya forget the polar bear 

  25. jessicadann95 says:

    i love ryan hes sooo sexy haha

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