Ryan Lee on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1

Jimmy Kimmel Live – The first part of Jimmy’s interview with Ryan Lee
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. slayer24497 says:

    I go to high school with him lol

  2. FillionDollarSmile says:

    @YocoolKids Nope i do too… Espcially in the Titanium Video… I dont know why but in that video i find his seriously hot 😛 😛

  3. bellabugg5613 says:

    @YocoolKids Don’t worry, i also find his really hot for some reason…

  4. YocoolKids says:

    Am I the only one who finds him slightly attractive… something about him.

  5. VeracityProductions says:

    @sickers95 short film with Ryan Lee before super 8 —-> watch?v=tBVmZH504gw

  6. sickers95 says:

    lol i clicked on this video because i thought it was about the new movie project x

  7. ViseVersaJerks says:

    I just don’t understand how he is not even the main character and he is on Kimmel stupid

  8. TheSuburbanBase says:

    Seriously some people just had to hate on him. He’s one of the most normal actor kids out there. Get out of here haters.

  9. MrReputation73 says:

    ok im just saying. i have no idea whats wronf with cary AKA ryan. hes funny hes a great actor. plays it cool. i would hang iwht this kid. why you people be hatin on a shild actor? actors gotta start somewhere right? well i think most started out as child actors. so stfu and enjoy the video.

  10. 8282rocio says:

    99ariyarantnamj are you a fool? What about you do not see that it is a boy?
    also he is very handsome and comes in super 8 film to be Cary

  11. 8282rocio says:

    Ryan Lee is the most handsome guy in the world iii love you

  12. 99ariyaratnamj says:

    Is that a boy or a girl?

  13. Seston says:

    @brunnafawn You don’t get the point you fucking moron. I made that comment 7 months ago, who replies to a comment made 7 months ago? I had to search through all 120+ comments to even know what you were talking about

  14. brunnafawn says:

    @Seston Lololololololololol commet learn to spell then insult me via the word ‘loser’.

  15. Seston says:

    @brunnafawn wow loser. way to go on a commet i made 7 months ago

  16. brunnafawn says:

    @Seston Die.

  17. mitchdmac109 says:

    Obviously if your saying bad shit your obviously jealous … its the same with justin bieber… get the fuck over justin and get the fuck over ryan and all the other kid actors n singers .. fuuck!
    Its seriously just old now. Let’em be!

  18. 678trriple98212 says:

    cutie 🙂

  19. LittleMissCheekyXx says:

    awh. He’s sah cute :’3

  20. Collinismine says:

    Have flaws, some more that others, but seriously, just cause you think he’s ugly you hate him? C’mon have some respect.

  21. Collinismine says:

    Ok so Ryan has lots of people that love and support him (like me) He has lots of talent and probably much more that you haters! He has a heart of gold and cares about all of his fans. As I’m sure all of you have learned in kindergarten, If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it. Someone could be super hot but is the biggest jerk on earth and no one would hate on him. Just because Ryan has one flaw (which I don’t think is a flaw) doesn’t mean you can make fun of him about it. We all h

  22. MrPyroguru says:

    @beatlesdivadomi What do you expect? People are ignorant everywhere!

    You should see people who come into my work place.

  23. LGinc1 says:

    Omg he’s so cute in this. I love his vest

  24. ryanleeswifey123 says:

    I love him. LOVE. “FOREIGNER!” ;D

  25. ILoveRyanLee1 says:

    Love him love him love him love him love him

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