Ryan Lee of Super 8 Is Charming in Hollywood!

Super 8 Star Ryan Lee is super sweet & cool to his adoring fans, what a cool guy!
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  1. jessicadann95 says:

    I LOVE RYAN LEE SO MUCH he is like half my life <3

  2. Jacquelingoesrawr says:

    What he did near the end with the water on the ground., I do the same thing lmao 😉

  3. ClareLouise1Dx says:

    i could just put him in my pocket!

  4. freezecheeze says:

    cutest thing ever made

  5. RawrImaDinohsaur says:

    ahhhh oh em jeez he is perfect in every way

  6. LGinc1 says:

    Nice dancing Ryan my little brother dances just like that

  7. mustang809 says:

    Omg he is like the cutest boy ever

  8. SmurfasaurusRex says:

    He is sooo cute!!:)

  9. JTHohNiNe says:

    u r amazing ryan love you.

  10. JTHohNiNe says:

    I THINK HE IS SOO INSPIRING. he is the best part in the movie. he is soofunny love you . if i met him i would cry soo hard

  11. pupgirl2424 says:

    Aww Ryan has such a heart of gold, I love him so much! <3 🙂

  12. FudgeYoMuffinsShow says:

    such a sweetheart!!

  13. jamie101911 says:

    He is so cute!

  14. cmeredith520 says:

    0:48 !!! lol he has his tongue out 😛 😀

  15. 24wildmonkey25 says:

    hahahahaha if it did i totally know y!!! 😉 hehehe

  16. CityOfRandom says:

    He looks like a young Austin Butler

  17. 24wildmonkey25 says:

    also lucky

  18. 24wildmonkey25 says:

    lucky haha

  19. TheXxKatastrophexx says:

    He Lives A Few Houses Away From Me (:

  20. jasmirash says:

    i know him!;D

  21. 24wildmonkey25 says:

    hahahahaha yeah

  22. VetFashionGirl says:

    Haha autocorrect changed Ryan Lee to cutely! Jk 🙂 I wish

  23. 24wildmonkey25 says:

    hahahahaha cutely hahahaha totaly cutely

  24. VetFashionGirl says:

    Haha my autocorrect keeps changing cutely to curtly

  25. 24wildmonkey25 says:

    hahahahaha yeah seriously but he does it cutely if thts a word………

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