Ryan Lee, Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths – SUPER 8 kids

Interviews with Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths & Ryan Lee for Super 8 with Paul Byrne for www.Movies.ie The three stars of JJ Abrams Super 8 are all working on upcoming film projects Ryan Lee will star in Meeting Evil and a new comedy from Judd Apatow, Joel Courtney will play Tom Sawyer in a new version of Huckleberry Finn. For more visit http

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  1. GreysonChanceRocks22 says:

    The way Joel said that Elle was just so beautiful and such a great actress it got me thinkg that maybe Joel does have a crush on Elle, also THUMBS UP IF U AGREE THAT JOEL AND ELLE MAKE A GOOD COUPLE AND THAT JOEL AND ELLE SHOULD DO AN INTERVIEW TOGETHER ABOUT SUPER8

  2. Cloverkaynex says:

    None of them can sit still! 🙂

  3. Cloverkaynex says:

    Ahh!! it’s so cute cause one of them can sit still! 🙂

  4. MatheusForever321 says:

    Don’t tell me Riley’s looking at what I think he is….

  5. jcandal13 says:

    Joel Courtney in the movie dsn’t look like he’s 15

  6. msnickle21 says:

    i love this part 2:29-2:40

  7. Barbiemattel9 says:

    i love Joel Courtney

  8. 24wildmonkey25 says:

    @VinnMauS NO WAAAAY!!! RYAN SOOOOOOO HOT!!!!! : )))))))) <33333333333333

  9. jvcrvb90 says:

    4:31 someone happy

  10. SigmaSkyCity says:

    Awww I think Ryan Lee’s cute. His overbite is what makes him different–it looks good on him.

  11. thechosenoneOK says:

    i loved this movie so much!

  12. 123carol321 says:


  13. puffcock says:

    @VinnMauS but he’s so cute!!!

  14. samistudmuffin says:

    omg. this.

  15. phanable1 says:

    @VinnMauS LMAO!

  16. Craigybhoy016 says:

    the fat guy looks like kevin bridges

  17. LuvFridays686 says:

    ahhh they wouldnt let him talk

  18. blazer3800 says:

    @VinnMauS DO YoU kNOW HOw I gOT THEsE sCArS?????

  19. eckosama says:

    Asylum? Why cuz he has the joker’s smile lol

  20. TheLovelyBonesFan says:

    @VinnMauS HAHA his name is Ryan Lee

  21. VinnMauS says:

    That guy in the middle has the mouth of joker from batman

  22. magzire says:

    What a terrible movie. Was unbelievably crap!!

  23. le16pard says:


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