Ryan Lee at the “Super 8” premiere

Ryan Lee talks to LA Times reporter Amy Kaufman at the premiere of “Super 8” in Westwood.
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  1. XxHollyKennyFanxX says:

    WILL EVERYONE SHUT UP ABOUT HIS TEETH! He’s such a babe! My future bf! Love you Ryan!..xxxxxxx

  2. XxCrazyRandomEmilyxX says:

    @XxCrazyRandomEmilyxX not ryan lee, the other dude

  3. XxCrazyRandomEmilyxX says:

    @paulmoz36 same 🙂 he goes to the school next to mine

  4. MissDrippy737 says:

    u shoot me down, but i get up, i am titanium!

  5. likubaisawesome says:

    look at those teeth.

  6. SpazzyUnicorn says:

    im so jellyyyy! i want to be an actress so baaaaaadly. He makes auditioning sound so easy!

  7. TheCookie8866 says:

    comeing back every day to watch again and again!

  8. Dotdoukie says:

    Randomninjasomg it makes him cute he is like the sweetest and I’m his no.1 fan

  9. ShadowedGuides says:

    @TheCookie8866 LOl yep

  10. TheCookie8866 says:

    @ShadowedGuides im pretty sure you meant titanium 😛

  11. XxXluvtherasmusXxX says:

    i love him so much he is amazing !! 😉

  12. ShadowedGuides says:


  13. Natalia15991 says:


  14. bigfrogggyeyes says:

    He is kinda cute but hr has the hugest teeth!

  15. bigfrogggyeyes says:

    @RandomningaOMG Yea! I agree

  16. cutie03xx says:

    So what if he has big teeth? He is gorgeous!!!

  17. RandomNinjasOMG says:

    What Big Teeth You Have !!

  18. paulmoz36 says:

    @BlaulichtGangBanger You wont know him either! :L

  19. paulmoz36 says:

    @festa96 you wont know him. HAHAHAHA

  20. TheCookie8866 says:

    ryan is soo awsome!!!! <3 xx

  21. iloveDavidtaylor000 says:

    @Sherlockingkite like your mom?

  22. festa96 says:

    @paulmoz36 ye who?

  23. BlaulichtGangBanger says:

    @paulmoz36 and who?

  24. paulmoz36 says:

    omg i know someone who looks excatly like ryan 😮

  25. The4Starr says:

    not being mean but it’s a pity about his teeth :/ he’s really good looking otherwise

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