Ryan Keen – Aiming For The Sun

Ryan Keen – Aiming For The Sun: As featured on Canadian hit TV show Degrassi (Episode: My Body Is A Cage: Part 2) FOLLOW ME NOW ON TWITTER for all my latest news: twitter.com AVAILABLE NOW ON ITUNES! VISIT ME AT: www.ryankeen.co.uk http Thanks for the support!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. maj13g says:

    you’re awesome!

  2. putocardi says:

    Big up yourself Ryan!

  3. xXDJxSKRATZXx says:

    when im down i just shut the world off go to the beach put my headphones on and get lost in the beautiful sound of your playing style so unique and full of heart and when the lyrics kick in everything seems better

  4. Kaka Pooka says:

    I saw you at camp bestival!! 🙂

  5. emkingx says:

    this is so beautiful; i haven’t felt like this in awhile.

  6. AdamTheHound says:

    You need to upload more music 🙁

  7. simlys says:

    It is on the sountrack of Felicity, season 4, episode 6: “Oops…Noel Did it Again”, last scene in the hospital, Ben talking to his father. Felicity fans are all looking for the great music of the serial and there is no correct list for the Netflix shows or DVD, which is different form the original TV broadcast.

  8. simlys says:

    Beautiful song, great that I found it in Amazon. Thank you!

  9. Suki37373 says:

    this is just beautiful….

  10. TerriU72 says:

    Wow, just great, i have no words to describe this.

  11. thebogwitt says:

    saw you at kendal calling, great set and such a nice guy meet, with talent like this you deserve to go far!!!

  12. MoriceFR says:

    amazing, amazing, amazing!

    Is it standard tuning?

  13. robbiemac01 says:

    i first heard this track on dynamo magician impossible but only heard a few seconds “i feel lost so i’m looking out” and had to lyric search to find it!
    what an awesome song this is! i will definitely be looking through the rest of your songs! awesome once again!!!!!

  14. izzy shan says:

    just saw this at wakestock it was so amazing and you are SO cute!! absolutely in love with you and your music!

  15. Whitney Knowles says:

    Seriously in love with this song, listened to it over and over again for over a year now, i’ll never be bored of it. Your music is so beautiful, hats off to you. x

  16. NoFlashy says:

    Heard this on Dynamo’s new Magician Impossible show. Amazing song.

  17. TehYoungie says:

    Beautiful song.

  18. BlackDenimJeans says:

    Gotta say that i fell in love with you thanks to that song. I saw you live 2 days ago, it was amazing. This song has something special, and i just teared up. Thank you xx

  19. Burhan Alawadhi says:

    Fantastic 🙂 well done and keep making music

  20. Barnonthefarm says:

    Loving this song, can’t wait to hear it live in a couple of weeks.

  21. noah meanwell says:

    i’v got a huge exam coming up and i need to revise but instead i listen to this

  22. Brandon Tulloch says:

    This is an amazing song.

  23. lexicarranza says:

    WOW. love

  24. Huurppp says:

    I love you hazel williams!

  25. oliviatwisp says:

    I’ve been listening to this for a year now, still so in love with it. Good work man. Keep it up.

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