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Motocross Action caught up with Ryan Dungey out at the ktm test track and got to see him rip on the new bike! check it out
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  1. SLZ YSF says:

    Awesomeness! Holla from the South East Asia!

  2. MelikeKTMs says:


  3. Brayden Smithson says:

    fmf fatty/shorty

  4. Brayden Smithson says:

    he still got 7th

  5. theAdamsfamilyvideos says:



    cuz 2 bangers are dying out 🙁

  7. NicolaiSeier says:

    Roger de coster

  8. richard horton says:

    Suziki scewed him last year and lost him SX and MX titles to Pota! in mx at round 2 bike ran out of gas while he winning and on last lap and at soutwick bike wouldnt start on the line and mechanics worked on it till he almost lap down and lost him MX title by 12 points to pota and in SX Pota beat dungey by tenpoints and he would won 2 titles in row if chain didnt fall off at ana2 so if they didnt mess up he would have 2 sx titles and 3mx titiles in a row! but yea he got hurt insx this year

  9. Heeenryy says:

    They do…

  10. Atheistprimate says:

    2013 Supercross Champ, you watch.

  11. 4verhardcore says:

    ill give him a race

  12. ddmiousse says:

    WTF..! dirt bike with electric starter !!

  13. InsaneShaneMX18 says:

    dungey ur the best and I love ktm

  14. bigb59100 says:


  15. sikorm1992 says:

    why dont they make good exhaust like they do for 450’s for 2 strokes

  16. TheFat1987 says:


  17. TheSoltys13 says:

    what kind of exhaust system does he ride on his KTM 450?

  18. pdivizzle0112 says:

    the bike only has electric start..

  19. teamKTM Strong says:

    @TheKxman125 thanx bro

  20. TheKxman125 says:

    because they were going to go bank rupt and his mechanic which i forget his name move to ktm and dungey loved him so thats why he went to ktm

  21. teamKTM Strong says:

    why did he leave suzuki?

  22. redbullguycrf150r says:

    whats wrong with the electric start

  23. HAROBIKES1821 says:

    ya its for racing its alot easier to start after a layover than a kicker

  24. yamzy pants says:

    I want to go there…

  25. timifey says:

    doesn’t make sense because he’s not riding a car fuck wit

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