Ryan Doyle – Freerunning in China – Episode 6.mp4

Great wall of china episode
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  1. AnthonyWells100 says:

    the websters are unreal its actaully hard to believe man!

  2. YiquanNetwork says:

    Thank you for the tutorial on forward roll, that’s the best roll vid I have ever seen !
    I really love your approach, simple + to the point instruction; slowly progress from easy to extremely hard.

    When you are in China, please check out 意拳 Yiquan.
    Wang Xiangzhai, the founder, treats martial art as a combat science. He engaged in martial combat with over a thousand people of different styles, internal,external,Western, Japanese in order to compare skills and develop combat science.

  3. paradox982 says:

    can you tell me what is the name of the song ?? 🙂

  4. HexyDaBawz says:

    Norway man!

  5. BTrixs101 says:

    come to canada god damnit

  6. chask3run says:

    Ryan: Im going to Freerun.
    Gravity: Can I come?
    Ryan: No.

  7. Gunjan Jain says:

    at 0:36 - “China”
    at 0:39 – “Chhhhhhiiiiiinnnnaaaaaa”

  8. Ryan Stein says:

    Nice job, really like a documentary.
    You jumped across the Great Wall while I climbed through the Great Fire Wall to watch this video on Youtube. If I can choose I’d rather to stay in England.

  9. steezyskier333 says:

    i wish these were longer but there still super sick!

  10. kjean950 says:

    Ryan Doyle is awesome.

  11. hermanocabra says:

    Realistic sounds at the beginning

  12. Никита Цыганков says:

    aeee super video,what song play in this video?= )

  13. PIAWOL says:

    0:45, what is that trick? It looks sick 😀

  14. Martillo1407 says:

    0:15 Ezio in Revelations

  15. DoraemonSugoi says:

    really like this whole series ^^

  16. andrizee91 says:

    The trailing lights look awesome!

  17. maskofmusic says:

    2:40 and 2:54 – freeze. I wish Youtube can save snapshots as wallpapers.

  18. frtgtbgght98 says:

    the sweater?

  19. azerty Gilders says:

    Yeah !! Great idéa !!!!!!!! The country of the word Parkour’ s origin ! Go to Paris, La defense, bercy, so great spots for you ! 😉 Tell us when you come !!!!

  20. malevolent Sentry says:

    at the fried spider he’s like O.O wut?

  21. dflowx says:

    0:34 “You’d need a contract to wear it anyway.”

  22. acrorun says:


  23. dydqja1emd says:

    이분은 무엇을햇길래 파쿠르,프리러닝,무술등등(더할수잇겟지만)을 할수잇지? 난 파쿠르도 잘은못하겟든데 부럽다….칫(못알아들으시겟지?)

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