Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss

Article by John Cale

Texas resident Ryan Deiss is a self-made Internet success known for his straightforward style and extraordinary command of Membership website marketing. Still in his mid-20’s, he owns over 20 sites which bring in several million dollars a year. The good news for all of us is that Deiss believes in giving back and, therefore, freely shares his expertise in building a strong subscriber base, driving targeted traffic to one’s site and creating a value-based membership program that will consistently bring in profits.

The author of “The Great Ezine Experiment & Idiots; How to Create Unlimited Profits on a Limited Budget,” Deiss offers practical advice for would-be niche entrepreneurs on a limited budget. He explains why membership sites are so profitable on a consistent basis and actually bring in much more revenue than other types of e-commerce. Deiss also shares that the key to being successful is continuity; that is, as a membership site owner, one must consistently identify the needs of your subscriber base (ask them what they want), and then create new products or find and promote resell rights products that fulfill those needs. One of the most important pieces of advice he offers is to keep your line a mix of proprietary products, affiliate offerings and resale products that have not been overexposed. It is also critical that each product have a separate domain name.

Currently the owner of Touchstone Publishing LLC, Deiss repeatedly stresses that a site must be unique to thrive. In order to help you make sure that your offerings stay fresh and different, Deiss manages the Webs Worth Watching (New-List) site, which – as its name suggests – monitors website launches. He also e-publishes the Profit Diary, a free, at least weekly newsletter chock full of valuable information including personal observations on industry trends and new tools.

Deiss has been especially busy in 2008, speaking at Armand Morin’s Big Seminar and introducing several new products, among which is the 12-page free report entitled “Thought Stringing.” This document focuses on an entirely new way of thinking about membership marketing.

Plus, in late 2008 Deiss introduced the unique “Continuity Blueprint” Training Program, designed to teach would-be e-entrepreneurs how to create, build and execute membership programs that run on autopilot. It includes five video training modules and a 118-page workbook, as well as a 78-page continuity swipe file and a members-only training center.

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