Ryan Deiss – The 3 Companies that KILLED Internet Marketing

CLICK HERE — www.Digital-Marketing-Lab.com – Ryan Deiss, (One of the Most Well Known Successful Internet Entrepreneurs), Says These 3 Companies KILLED Internet Marketing… If you saw my earlier video about Ryan Deiss’ “End of the Web” report you noticed he mentioned 3 companies that had “killed” the Internet for marketers like you and I. The 1st is Google. If you have been marketing any time at all this is no secret, but what Google has in store for you next will even boggle the experienced marketers mind. I’ll give you a hint… they are not getting any nicer. Click the http to get his report. The other 2 companies that Ryan discusses in the report are equally as powerful, and equally as devastating to independent direct marketers like us. The big differences, they are not all eggheads and they do understand real business, and are willing to work with ethical marketers and even do giant one-sided joint ventures, in our favor. I felt after my last video message I’d better give you some good news. This is it… The Wal-Marts of the Internet have arrived, and if you plan on surviving, and even thriving, you better learn exactly whom they are, who’s behind them and how to work with for maximum profits. That’s just part of what Ryan reveals in his free report: The “End of the Web” Click the www.Digital-Marketing-Lab.com to get his report. By the way… There’s much more alarming data in this report than what I’ve told you. If you plan on being in the online marketing
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