Ryan Deiss – An Internet Marketing Critical Review

Ryan Deiss – An Internet Marketing Critical Review

Article by Brian Garvin

Internet marketing can be tough. There are many people out there competing to make money online. I read an online letter one day by Mr. Ryan Deiss that struck me. He was referring to the power of e-mail marketing. While I understand the concept, I have to admit I feel that many folks cannot seem to connect the dots.

For the purpose of this article, I am going to talk about what Ryan Deiss refers to as the joy of sending one e-mail and making lots of sales. What Ryan Deiss has done is set up lists in multiple niches, then once he comes across a new product that can help people on that list achieve the goals they wish to achieve, he sends them an e-mail and explains how this will work for them.

Now as you know there are claims made every day on the internet. As always, I think you should take a little time to sit down and think things out. See what is in front of you and ask a very simple question, Can I do this? The follow up question to this is – does it make sense.

If you have been online looking to make money for any length of time then you must have had offers appear in your mailbox. I would also bet that you may have signed up for an offer or two. As a result of this, there is proof right within your own mailbox that e-mail marketing works.

In actual fact, I suggest anytime you get an offer where you click through to the sales page, you should come back and save that e-mail and use it as an example of how to write good copy that gets people to follow recommendations.

So based on me realizing that I have signed up for a few offer’s myself, I then knew that Ryan Deiss was not talking garbage; what he was saying makes sense. Then I just had to ask the follow up question; can I implement this technique in my business?

Ryan Deiss talks about setting up lists in various niches. In actual fact, to him the most important thing you can learn is how to build a list and once you learn how to build it, then you need to learn how to sell to that list, and again, let’s be honest, this makes sense.

So if you build a list and then know how to market to it, would it not be fair to say that you really do not have to worry about making money again. Whenever you need some money, look for a good product or service your list needs and one that they could gain value from, and then explain it to them with one powerful e-mail.

The thing with Ryan Deiss is that he does not just spin theory; he is an individual who walks the walk and backs up what he suggests with proof. He has made serious money online and he continues to do so.

Ryan Deiss is a good teacher simply because what he shares with you is what he is actually doing in his own business. All you have to do is make the decision to take action, be diligent then reap the rewards.

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