Ryan Celestain, Jed Reay, Stephen Peirce Take Massive Action

Ryan Celestain www.RyanCelestain.com 206-202-0155 Send me an email for the conefrence call info at… RyanAndJed@Gmail.com To learn more about the project involving… Entrepreneurs like Stephen Pierce, the acknowledged authority on creating rapid wealth via the Internet Joel Therien, a pioneer of affiliate marketing; Seth Daley, author, coach and home business expert; Artemis Limpert, network marketing guru; Dr. Fran Harris, former WNBA Champion and business strategist; Dr. Stan “Breakthrough” Harris, successful network marketer and co-author of “Walking with the Wise Entrepreneur” with Donald Trump, Suze Orman and others Click the link below www.1shoppingcart.com
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  1. stephenpiercescam says:

    Last year, I purchased a $10K product/service from Stephen Pierce International called the Platinum Consulting Program. Stephen Pierce made many promises about how if I follow the program I will make lots of money and he promised continuing consultation services to help me make money as an affiliate reselling other companies products. I read and applied all the information and did what he said and made around $2.

    I called the office to get support but they dont answer the phone. Ever.

  2. jasonspurlock says:

    Haven’t talked to you in a while, my friend. Miss ya.

    Love your stuff. You’re still the king!

  3. SuccessIsAHabit says:

    Thanks for your videos, Ryan!

  4. Allen S. says:

    Ryan you’re always positive and that’s the main reason you are successful

  5. CervantesjcLIVE says:

    Brilliant work Ryan!

  6. ClarenceCogginsIII4U says:

    Taking consistent action is soo important.

    Clarence Coggins
    Crown Prince of Web 2.0

  7. Saifuldinho says:

    That’s our best friend, the law of attraction you’re talking about BAYBEH!!! =)

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