Russians take protests online

Russia is gearing up for more protests in the wake of December’s controversial elections as demonstrators turn to newer forms of technology to try to prevent Putin’s re-election in March’s presidential poll. The country’s opposition rallies have grown rapidly, much like those in the Arab world, in large part due to the power of internet. Social-networking sites have become an important tool in raising money and support for anti-Kremlin causes. Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports from Moscow.

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  1. neeleshrahalkar1976 says:

    I am an Indian, and I believe that the Russians should respect Putin, who has actually done a lot in his tenure…His reign has brought prosperity to Russia as it was cash strapped earlier, I request all my Russian friends to please vote for him, he is the one who will bring back the lost glory of your nation. I love Russia and I respect Vladimir Putin

  2. BersNeDios says:

    Facebook sucks! Даешь Вконтакте!

  3. LolaMonrain says:

    OMG putin <3 he kept russia strong n free from war! RE -ELECT!

  4. markokostickox says:

    why because you say so,let the russians make they choise

  5. joyo17 says:

    Why do you need funds to protest? Sounds like another way of ripping people off.

  6. moester101 says:

    Putin is probably going insane right now lol

  7. europeintheworld says:

    Putin’s reelections would be terrible for the russian economy

  8. Tokopol says:

    КПРФ в 2012 году! Путин из!

  9. 7Sworns says:


  10. 4GetThisMan says:


  11. Jurassicparkrules96 says:


  12. UniversalHourglass says:


  13. lasaccaonline says:

    i guess its time to make some “reforms” to censor the internet in order to “protect” the russian citizens….

  14. OmamaII says:


  15. slavixtube says:

    Al-Jazeeara is so very interested in flaming protest in Russia. All the scary stories about supposed oppression, while there is non to show. No internet censorship, no restrictions on donations to political causes, only FUD. A few tens of thousands of people that gathered under different flags for 2 demonstrations under slogan ‘for honest elections’ does not make for a ‘Russian spring’ or any other ‘revolution’ so desired by western msm and Al-Jazeera.

  16. Arkinight says:


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  19. poisonviper1 says:


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