Russell Brunson’s “Micro Continuity Course” Free Pre-loaded MP3 Player

Russell Brunson the internet marketing guru who has built a multi-million dollar internet marketing empire is going into semi-retirement in order to train for the 2012 US Olympic Wrestlting Team. One of the key strategies that Russell has put into place allowing him to walk away (in part) from his business is “Micro-Continuity,” and he is committed to teaching it to every interested entruprenuer for free. In June, Russell will launch a free promotion where he is giving away “pre-loaded” MP3 Players contatining the entire 6 hour “Micro-Continuity Course,” in addition to more than two hours of video content explaining the back ground and overview of this amazing business model. In this lens I am going to provide you with an overview of the “Micro-Continuity’ program, share my personal thoughts on why it is the right model for the present market and provide you with the links that you will need in order to watch the videos and claim your free MP3 Player. If you want to jump ahead follow this link: vur.me

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  1. lynnhanc says:

    Hi James..I would like to chat´╗┐ with you about this program. Does it really work?
    Have you had any positive results?

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