Russell Brunson’s Latest Scam – Rentanedu.com

www.followterry.com This one makes me puke; the nerve of an online guru pushing his per month product to getting the highly coveted .edu links which is an old SEO trick. This is ONE product you’ll want to avoid like the plague.

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  1. sparkpkthao says:

    He took my $1.00 and didn’t even take me to the next step. Wasted my money on him and his so called” website. I even still have the receipt for it. Now, I’m trying to contact them and there not even contacting me back at all. ITS A SCAM !

  2. robertn31 says:

    Thank you for this video. I am listening to a seminar hes having in 3 hours. No I’m more on guard for b.s. btw I’m considering a program called commissionbreakthrough com. Ever heard of it. Any comments if have?

    1. I Hate scammers says:

      STAY right away from commission breakthrough its a scam same as traffic phoenix same as carbon copy income these are all scams by bruce kelly and justin michie

  3. crazydreamers32 says:

    Nice Job Terry….. I am SICK and tired of wasting my most valuable resource….
    MY TIME…..Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You

  4. Little1KN says:

    Hi Terry, I’d like to remain “Anonymous”, for now, due to the fact I had joined but today I get in , and was supposed to head off to get some Video Instruction, and low and behold,

  5. TruthandPassion says:

    On his home page, he calls himself “The Overnight Success Maker”. What an insult to your intelligence. Everyone knows there is no such thing as an overnight success maker. He is preying upon the most stupid people with the most stupid tactics.

    He even put up a ton of shill sites to try to refute the suspicion that he may be a scam. LOL. Why would a legit person create so many shill sites about himself? LOL

  6. TruthandPassion says:

    He even fakes a site called TheFederalWatch to try to make it look like the US government endorses him. That is so deceptive and cheap. If he were authentic, why would he use deception and try to impersonate the federal government, and use such cheap marketing tactics that any intelligent person can see through?

  7. TruthandPassion says:

    Look at Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets home page. It’s an obvious scam. He uses the most misleading low down cheap marketing strategies. He calls his club the Illuminati, and promises to put you at the top of the cash flow pyramid for $97 a month, and tells you that you have 24 minutes to decide if you want to join his secret society of internet millionaires, etc. LOL Sounds like a cheap infomercial.

  8. brentrayward says:

    I would agree that Russell Brunson is running a Scam.. I never authorized payment on $97 and was on auto order of a product i don’t know anything about

  9. lynnhanc says:

    what can u tell me about 20 minpayday? Is this legitimate? 

  10. soapyshoe says:

    You’ve paid $100,000’s for these products…and you can’t get more than 100 views per video and 1000 visitors per month????

    Time to stop throwing your money at these guys…for the love of god.

  11. soapyshoe says:

    You’ve paid $100,000’s for these products…and you can’t get more than 100 views per video and 1000 visitors per month????

    Time to stop throwing your money at these guys…for the love of god.

  12. soapyshoe says:

    You’ve paid $100,000’s for these products…and you can’t get more than 100 views per video?

    Time to stop throwing your money at these guys…for the love of god.

  13. njpaust says:

    I almost fell over when I saw the price of $97/month. Have to say I’m not keen on buying most online marketers’ junk because I have flushed way too much $ down the loo for nada.

    Thanks for the videos Terry.

  14. jrdanielco says:

    I signed up for this program when it first came out. I have discovered over the course of 2 months that the edu links never show up when checking the backlinks. I suppose if you can get a webmaster to give you a link on their site you can get better rankings, but if I was a webmaster, which I am, I would want to see the links actually working. I also asked why there is no such edu backlink showing up on the dotcomsecrets website that got this fast ranking. I canceled my subscription.

  15. followterry says:

    The point is, it’s not work the $97 per month – you can buy 400 high PR forum backlinks for that price and get way more value; especially if you backlink boost them. Spend your hard earned link building dollars elsewhere.

  16. jimbowman1 says:

    The .edu.pe second level domain is only for educational institutions. – check wikipedia (search for .pe).

    I get the idea that they are a bit easier to acquire, and available to smaller educational organisations. Paul Lynch has a small English Language course center in Perlu, teachings EFL. This is how he got the domain names.

    It’s a legit .edu, but it could well get devalued. But if it is devalued, the one way SEO links acquired will still exist. You don’t link to your own sites

  17. kookdeville79 says:

    you have to be an institutionally accredited educational institution to be able to qualify to obtain a .edu domain.

  18. kookdeville79 says:

    This dudes right russell sucks

  19. followterry says:

    Yes, and I would feel bad telling people they could get legitimate .edu links from something that isn’t quite accurate.

  20. immacc50 says:

    You are claiming that Russell registered the name edu with the .pe extension?

    ALL legitimate universities in Peru have the edu.pe extension (ie)
    upeu dot edu dot pe
    lamolina dot edu dot pe
    unmsm dot edu dot pe

    Also, Paul Lynch (Russell’s partner) is the individual responsible for obtaining rights to the edu dot pe extension…

    The real objection is that the site “university dot edu dot pe” is NOT a legitimate educational institution, but a link bait tactic designed for ranking purposes!

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