Russell Brunson’s $100 Million Dollar Challenge Video 5

This is the business I created during the challenge: www.dynamicplateautraining.com This is my (Bennuendo’s) fifth video for the 0 Million Dollar Challenge. The topic is “Instant traffic and Lead Generation” Voices: Me
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. Bendo13 says:

    Thanks everyone for your vote of confidence! I can’t wait to see what we have to do to compete!

  2. NeverFearAbelsHere says:

    ahhh, mann. That was horrible… I hope you win too =)

  3. Bendo13 says:

    Thanks a lot! I just found out that I won for this round!

  4. bakura1030 says:

    awesome video dude 🙂 I definitely hope you win!

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