Russel Brunson – DotComSecretsX Challenge Celebration!!

Russel Brunson – DotComSecretsX Challenge Celebration! I joined the DotComSecretsX Challenge, and I am one of Russel Brunson’s students! I joined this challenge to learn from the best! Russel is an internet marketing mulit-millionaire! He is offering to help Me, and You learn all his tips, and tricks Step By Step! So far I am on Day 8 of this challenge and I have had over 300 click to my website!! WOW! Celebrating success is vital! So today I am celebrating with you! I am looking for challengers to compete with me! Join me today! bit.ly click this link and get started! Today your life will change for the better if you take this challenge with me! Connect with me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AmandaEvansCC

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  1. Jason Lynch says:

    Jason Lynch 7 minutes ago
    i wouldn t give this guy any money he take your money then dosn t except you in the program

  2. Tuxedo748 says:

    Yes i am part of DCSX and I started two days ago.

  3. Amanda Evans says:

    Hey Tuxedo748 I have been using 10dollarsolo (are you part of DCSX?)

  4. Tuxedo748 says:

    how did you get the 300 clicks? Did you get them from free solo ads or paid solo ads?

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