RSA Animate – The Power of Networks

In this new RSA Animate, Manuel Lima, senior UX design lead at Microsoft Bing, explores the power of network visualisation to help navigate our complex modern world. Taken from a lecture given by Manuel Lima as part of the RSA’s free public events programme. Listen to the full talk: www.thersa.org Our events are made possible with the support of our Fellowship. Support us by donating or applying to become a Fellow. Donate: www.thersa.org Become a Fellow: www.thersa.org

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  1. Karin Mackay says:

    Don’t really agree……..think that you misrepresent the complex structure of trees and overlaid your rhizomic metaphor. The tree is still relevant. Perhaps you need to look at the structure that makes up the tree at microscopic level???? Trees swirl touch and interconnect in real life….you simply a complex matter…quiet ironic

  2. Leon Simons says:

    “I think there’s immense benefits that can come from this networked outlook of the world itself”. Covers it quite well.

  3. TheCognitiveMedia says:

    Hi Olimario,

    Thanks very much for the compliment!

    Prints and PDFs of our RSA Animates can be purchased on the Cognitive Media website.

    – The CM Team

  4. multicultivate says:

    i have been lucky, because my teacher (sadly only one) aknowledges that this is more crucial information than most of what is told by other teachers. and i feel the same.

  5. ghorip says:

    Where can i download your artwork in 10:42 ? It’s so awesome.

  6. rafawts says:

    Really liked this video, different from what teachers have taught me at school

  7. TheMathShaman says:

    Only to the extent that you make meaningful connections, rather than just ridiculous ones.

    Sir Ken Robinson, from the Changing Education Paradigms video, would tell you it’s an exercise in “divergent thinking.”

  8. Joshua matos says:

    Any New Videos like this?

  9. paul12345611 says:

    Absolutely Brilliant depiction of complex systems thinking. I will be sending this to my students! Thank you so much.

  10. xyzllii says:

    It’s all very slick etc..but I don’t think it told me anything other than what we know..

  11. TheYEASONN12 says:

    wow! congratulations are in order. I have been following RSA for sometime now, and you can see how much they have grown. Just by the way the animation is displayed or even the drawings themselves are amazing. Thank you for revolutionizing the way we handled the conventional lecture!

  12. bubbyeater says:

    Isn’t Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, in some ways, an exercise in building a rhizomatic network?

  13. bamamikestl says:

    Oh what tangled webs we weave when first learning to weave webs.

  14. TechnoJon96 says:

    Just a note- the brain network and the galactic network look the same because nature is fractal.

  15. 23456Mr1 says:

    Yes, a network is a better representation of the patterns of interaction between objects. But the “neural networks = universal structure” thing is now pseudo-philosophizing.

  16. arnyone says:

    Challenged accepted. See y’all on “Pearltrees”, let’s take action guys.

  17. edstercw says:

    haha yep not sped up at all

    But seriously, I paused at 3:33 to get all the fish jokes. Jackson Pollock lol!

  18. MrCervantesent says:

    I know it’s in real time, but how were they able to “cram” in all those drawings into one piece?. lol It’s insane!!

  19. edstercw says:

    Red Bull. Its in real time

  20. MrCervantesent says:

    How was this done? It’s still killing on finding out how they were able to have the artist draw this big piece.

  21. AirForceJuan3 says:

    Yes! This is the best way to visualize spoken information I have ever seen. It would be awesome if this were to be done for much more things!

  22. GenTsoChicken1 says:

    People are too much attention to the drawing animation and rightfully so cause it gets our attention more but it’s the messages that keeps me coming back. The knowledge and ideas RSA provides is incredible.
    Thank you so much.

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