Rolled Up – Wiz Khalifa vs. Bob Marley vs. Social Network (Dylan Dilla Castora mashup)

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  2. punkake6 says:

    @AwesomeSauce852 Hands covers bruise – trent reznor

  3. michael6836 says:

    The social Network by Luke christhoper

  4. AwesomeSauce852 says:

    What song is being played in the back round?

  5. TaylorGang801 says:


  6. csully5 says:

    @ttgsean u mad bro?

  7. ttgsean says:

    @pittsburghs0und19 well considering your name is pittsburghsound i assumed you lived in america so the time would be at most 3 hours apart so either way you shouldnt be on youtube at that time

  8. SlyFoxComedy says:

    This is a great song, right guys?

  9. ttgsean says:

    @pittsburghs0und19 hahahaha because you were on youtube at 2:30 in the morning???? hahahahahahahaha i was at a party at 2:30 you fuckin nerd

  10. x3no4471 says:

    @ttgsean good one

  11. SpaaacedOut says:

    @ttgsean its funny you say that because you dont know me.

  12. ttgsean says:

    @SpaaacedOut funny you say that because you are the virgin… haha not me

  13. SpaaacedOut says:

    @ttgsean first to comment last to get laid

  14. ConlanWilliams says:

    @MrGilliams cute as they come you are.

  15. MrGilliams says:

    second cocks

  16. GoodMusicAllDaycom says:

    Download link available in description of video

  17. ttgsean says:

    0 views bitches first mu fucka

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