Rocketeer-Far East Movement feat. Ryan Tedder Cover by Megan Lee and Shock-1

hope you guys like our “konglish” cover!! hehe ***instrumental track provided by: www.youtube.com Please go visit Far East Movement & subscribe if you haven’t! coz they are the BOMB!!! X) www.youtube.com BSURE TO SUBSCRIBE SHOCK-1!! 😀 www.youtube.com ***********FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD!! XD www.mediafire.com because he’s awesome hehe 🙂 SHOUT TO MELLY UNNI WHO GAVE ME THE SHIRT FROM THESTEPPIE! XD thesteppie.com lyrics 🙂 (Megan) Here we go, come with me There’s a world out there that we should see Take my hand, close your eyes With you right here, I’m a rocketeer Let’s fly Up, up here we go Up, up here we go Let’s fly Up, up here we go, go Where we stop nobody knows, knows (Shock-1) 네 미소에 나는 녹아 너 말고 다른 생각 전혀 안나 언제 그랬냐는 듯이 나는 힘이 솟아 걱정 근심 없지, 너 하나면 되지 One and only, you are the one for me 너는 정말 완벽, 진짜 Lovely OKBY 나의 손을 잡아, 우리 함께 가는거야 출발 우린 같은 곳을 바라봐 See 누가 뭐라 해도 상관마 No 나 힘들어도 꾹참아 Yeah 네가 내곁에 있으니깐 That’s right 이 세상에는 너와 나 둘만으로 괜찮아 You and I, 나만 바라봐 나를 믿어봐, and Let’s Fly (Megan) Here we go, come with me there’s the world out there we should see take my hand, close your eyes with you right here, I’m a rocketeer, Let’s fly (Shock-1) Yeah, We are the perfect two 눈을 감고 느껴봐 My love is true 내게 다른건 다 필요없어 너만 있다면 All I need is you 두근데는 나의 심장 My Heart 뛰게 하는 너니깐 I’m running hard 네가 있는곳으로 난 달려가 지구 어디라도 꼭 난
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  1. luis laveriano says:

    awwwwww ,who sings beautiful *-*

  2. mimmersk says:

    Awww 🙂

  3. xaxatw says:

    I’ve just fallen in love with your voice Megan. ;__; ♥

  4. paperweightmode says:

    Megan you should sing “Perfect Two”

  5. lostinmuchconfusion3 says:

    i would have liked more megan and less rap

  6. kida13otohime17 says:

    Open the download file please? :3

  7. baran alkasem says:

    OMG meee toooo

  8. phouvongvongsaphay says:

    wow momma fly up up here u go

  9. animelover7135 says:


  10. xX2pmloveXx says:

    When I first watched this I thought Shock-1 was Minho from SHINee xD
    Then I realized it wasn’t. OTL

  11. Sandy Yang says:

    This was the first video I ever saw of you. I’m glad you exist, you make the world go round Megan 😉

  12. flipinay22 says:

    I wish I was Korean ; u ;

  13. HaineTran says:

    He’s so hot *0* i love south korea *____* and she has such a great voice and so cute :3

  14. TheJammyRox says:

    The worst part is 3:48

  15. Taner Pattinson says:

    Rocketeer. Chinese 3 Guy feat Justien Bieber. 😀

  16. bunnyisSoawesome says:

    – Dam . is it just me or is he smoken HOTTT

  17. sabby tam says:

    Shock 1 looks like T.O.P from Big Bang from the side <3

  18. cozyfire nicole says:

    try listening to all her videos and see the people who she’s singing with you’ll think that you’re the only asian who can’t sing haaayyy….

  19. shawtyvwj says:

    i wanted to know what he was saying in korean

  20. levyIII says:

    @cutiepiemeg918 u sounded like JB in this cover o.O now i know that JB stole your voice and JB is a she!

  21. Sendoh Jin says:


  22. pwrOverwhelming says:

    nice cover i like it 😉

  23. juniorasha57 says:

    2.41 ….favourite ..nice pitch @@

  24. loic95ify says:

    is that rapping in korean/japanease??????? holy mother of god he amazing how much to buy him!!!!!!!!!! and how much to buy megan lee.

  25. Rai Jenny says:

    I <3 U XD

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