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  2. Дима Романов says:

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  3. julio cesar gutierrez hernandez says:

    The best thing to do, is not to discuss with this guy he is clearly happy with what he has… But anyway thanks for the advise randall, we really appreciate your concern for all the people out there…

  4. Ricardo Roson says:

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  5. Ridz Iq says:

    Those who are not involve in MLM are those who do not understand.
    You go to work and earn $3K Mthly but after 10years 90% will complain. People never stop complaining and thats the reason they fail. My whole family and me is involve in network marketing. Im Getting Solid Pay Check Mthly. My advise to all including me. Knowledge is Power. So take action now and email me. ridz4life@gmail.com

  6. Mo ra says:

    I bet that’s luck though to work from home using that strategy? The strategy me and my partner managed to earn money online every month is by using Crib Cash Generator. My brother has been working at home for 5 months now. Search Google for Crib Cash Generator, it’s crazy lol.

  7. Randall Klassen says:

    It’s a scam for the distributors, not the parent companies or the companies that are selling their products/services. Owning an MLM is the top of the pyramid, that’s where all of the profits are. Sad people still fall for these MLM Scams in this day and age.

  8. Randall Klassen says:

    Look at the flawed distribution model, multiple and unnecessary pyramid distribution levels and no limit on the number of distributors. Only way to make money is by recruiting a downline which should be illegal, legitimate franchises do not do this because it’s just plain stupid. It’s the end result that makes it a pyramid scheme, not the hierarchical structure, nice try though. Sad people still fall for these scams, I guess a new sucker really is born every minute.

  9. Leonardo Reyes says:

    Ok if Network Marketing is a scam or a pyramid scheme.. why this company still in business? Sprint Telecom build their business using Network Marketing. Tmobile is using Network Marketing to increase their customers. I wonder why Warrant Buffet own a Network Marketing company..because is a scam I think. People who never make any money in NM is because they DO NOT WORK THE BIZ. People have the mentality of a microwave I want $5,000 in one minute. If you happy with your JOB stay there.PERIOD

  10. hrvad says:

    It’s the whole Slight Edge over again. Those who play the blame game are consistent making small errors of judgement that accumulate over time to kill them (financially or otherwise) and now they’re looking for excuses for their failure. Can’t be THEM, right? Those who decide to get topside on the Slight Edge have a different mindset of taking personal responsibility for their successes and failures, and so they consistently make small, good judgement calls that accumulate over time to success.

  11. hrvad says:

    I think a “pyramid scheme with products/services” is simply what we call a “busineess” or a “company”. Ever tried to draw the diagram of the last company where you were a completely normal employee? Looks suspiciously like a pyramid, doesn’t it? 😉

  12. djsektor7 says:

    Sorry you have a friend that is a liar, and this has caused you to go around and preach and disrespect other people and what they do. I do not lie to people or scam them, I believe in hard work. I do not make even close to $25k a month, but I am on the right track. I do not have a boss, I have been a business owner for years and have embarked on a new path. You preach about how there is nothing wrong with jobs but then go and disrespect other people and what they do. You sound like a great guy.

  13. Randall Klassen says:

    Looks like you’re in ACN, that’s the same scam my employee’s husband was in. He told me he was making $25K per month, but his wife told me he was lying in order to recruit more suckers. No one wants to buy products/services off someone working out there car, you guys have no clue about consumer behavior.

  14. Randall Klassen says:

    The Get Rich Scheme conferences make it sound pretty easy. It’s mathematically almost impossible due to the flawed distribution model. It’s completely unsustainable and the end result is a pyramid scheme, that’s why almost 100% dropout over time. Any 12 year old can determine MLM to be a scam.

  15. djsektor7 says:

    It is not easy, it is hard. Cry me a river for people who think it’s going to be easy and then drop out, who’s fault is that? It’s not the system, it is the victim. These people either need a backbone or a good lesson. I deal with recruits like your *friend* every day, most of them haven’t even made more than a couple phone calls before they drop out. How does one exactly make money calling 4 people then quitting? Oh, poor victims that can’t have financial freedom easily, it actually takes work

  16. Randall Klassen says:

    How do you justify the flawed distribution model that mathematically cannot work? The failure rate in MLM is significantly higher than any other industry. MLM is multiple and unnecessary pyramid levels, no limit on the number of distributors, and few actual customers, end result is a quasi-legal pyramid scheme. I have a business degree and a professional financial analyst designation, I would never fall for this scam of an industry, you’d like that wouldn’t you?

  17. Randall Klassen says:

    It’s funny how these scams make it sound so easy and that distributors will have financial freedom and more time for family, reality is, it’s a PYRAMID SCHEME with products/services.

  18. djsektor7 says:

    A high failure rate just confirms that it is hard! What is the failure rate of businesses in general? 9/10 fail in the first 5 years, 9 out of those 10 fail in the next 10 years. MLM is a way for a person to get into business much easier than a traditional, of course it will have a high failure rate! What do you think is going to happen when non-business minded people try and start a business? And yeah, right, your *friend*, just looking out for him wink wink. Don’t worry, your secret is safe.

  19. Randall Klassen says:

    It’s easy to determine the flawed system just looking at the business model, the high failure rate just confirms this. This is simple business math, your gym examples don’t apply here. Legitimate franchises place limitations on the number of distributors and don’t have franchisees recruiting other franchisees with commissions flowing to the top, that’s just stupid. I never got burned, but a woman that works for me, her husband got all mixed up in this MLM crap, so I’m just putting the word out.

  20. djsektor7 says:

    Don’t worry, I understand how victims think. Anything with a high failure rate is the system and not them. All the people who join the gym in January and drop out 3 weeks later, its the gym. All the day traders who lose money and quit, it’s the system. All the overweight people who get on a diet and fail, it’s the diet. ‘Mostly Lose Money’ is correct, most do, broken record. Then again it’s the ‘mostly’ that do the losing, not the system. Why do you care so much? Oh yeah because you got burned.

  21. Randall Klassen says:

    I own 2 corporations by the way. Nothing wrong with having a job. Business is also great provided you’re qualified and it’s not some MLM Scam. MLM Scams like to use the term “Just Over Broke” to convince potential distributors that their jobs are bad, so there’s a higher chance they’ll join the scam. How about this one: MLM = “Mostly Lose Money”.

  22. djsektor7 says:

    Dude…. 9:15 on the video….that’s you!!! “The job owner that must be right all the time! Went to school and have all the right answers and know everything” To funny. W2’er

  23. djsektor7 says:

    Yeah right, you were in one and lost out and mad because your spent thousands and thousands on your ‘advanced knowledge’ and when it didn’t work for you, you folded your arms and had a fit and declared all MLM’s a scam. Now you spend time trying to convince others you know what you’re talking about, and pretending you never were a part of one, using the failure rate as your ‘ace’ card. Either way you have no credibility because you haven’t done one or you did and lost out and are bitter.

  24. Randall Klassen says:

    Hahaha, people quit when they find out it’s a scam! I’ve never joined one of these scams, I went to business school. I’m a financial analyst, I have advanced knowledge of residual income, which is more of a power word for these scams, most will never realize any residual income because the customer/distributor dropout rate is so significant.

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