Robert Kiyosaki speaks about the economy, job creation, and the recession

Mike Dillard speaks with Robert Kiyosaki on October 9, 2008, Robert explains that the United States economic recession was going to happen for a while. He speaks that you cant put faith and serious believe politicians are going to bring back good paying jobs. A solid solution is with you. Looking to protect yourself and your family. Not sure how to build a business from home. If you pay and electric, gas, or cell phone bill I have the perfect solution. Join me, I’m not corporate America I care about the people. Visit www.nowoneanswer.com to partner with me and a powerful company that pays well!

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  1. Curt Maly says:

    Wow, I just had to leave a comment on your channel! Great vids! I wish you the best success with what you are doing!

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