Rising prices of supplements and food!

Rising prices of supplements and food!

Article by Jon Kalnas

It seems like we are gettng paid less while food and supplement prices are on the rise. How can any one of us live a healthy life when we can’t afford it?

About 9 months ago my boss introduced me to a book by Ryan Lee called “The Millionaire Workout.” Ryan Lee was a personal trainer making workouts for his clients. He later realized he could make money by selling these workoutsbut selling them to his clients was not enough. He tapped into the internet and began selling them online. Ryan is now a multi millionaire. So, it got my boss thinking. He wanted to team up with me and come up with an ebook (electronic downloadablebook) within the fitness field. I liked the idea but decided that I wanted to take a different approach that I found greater interest in.

I began writing an eBook months ago. At home or at work I was typing. Time was limited,so when I did have the time I made sure I used it the best way that I could. The eBook is now complete and I am building the website now.

Was this hard? HMMM, they say the first one is where you make mistakes and learn the process. After that, its like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich….EASY!

Now, you don’t have to just write about fitness. You can write about anything that you think people would be interested in. For instance, a woman wrote a cookbook on organic foods and has made over a million dollars in 3years. Now, it’s not guaranteed that you will make this money, but any money would be good right? I mean ,000 or even ,000extra bucks in your pocket.

Now, that can definitly help with the supplements and food couldn’t it?

With financial freedom you could train any time of the day and not have to worrry about your job. Your job is now writing eBooks!

About the Author

Jon Kalnas is an eBook publisher currently working and helping others realize that their creative thoughts, ideas and stories can help make them earn a full-time income.

For more information on how to build your home based business by way of eBook writing then visit http://www.hustle4money.com

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