Rickie Fowler Down Line iron Byron Nelson Range

Rickie Fowler Down Line iron Byron Nelson Range

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  1. jlorey989 says:

    nice pants

  2. 63Bueno says:


    rory mcilroy does not have a more “natural” swing than rickie……this IS rickie’s natural swing and if he were to try and swing the club back and thru on the same plane like Rory, then u would never hear from him again….

  3. PUArtista says:

    @ScratchQuest Sorry but if a one plane were more natural all of the over-the-toppers would not be corrected. A one-plane swing is rare because it is unnatural. More natural on tour, what does that mean?

  4. wiffleone says:

    looks a little like Lanny Wadkins.

  5. justinp766 says:

    I feel like his swing is way more natural then most of the swings on tour. No idea why everyone says he has a weird swing.

  6. CarolinasPGApro says:

    actually, if you pause halfway back and again halfway down, you’ll see his hands travel through the same place….he might have a funny way of loading the club, but his hands travel in a consistent arc.

  7. bjnwright says:

    under, across, inside, outside… ray floyd, lee travino, moe norman, paul azinger, tommy gainey, rickie fowler… i.e. who gives a fat lady’s f*ck so long as it does the job

  8. silowhore says:

    he may get a little under, but he doesn’t go over and he certainly doesn’t come over the top or flip his hands

  9. Siteseer2 says:

    overplane, to underplane, to crossover release…alot to time out…good thing he has gigantic cajones when he sticks the peg in the ground against you….

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