Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert T. Kiyosaki and Mike Dillard NEW STRATEGIES for 2010

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  1. David222Haney says:

    Awesome Video! Really speaks to the truth of being Success Minded!

  2. MrSuperfood1 says:

    The middle class has no idea where the Economy is right now, or where it is going. With network marketing I often tell people that they need to look at their auto-ship as an “investment” or “asset” rather than a cost or a liability. Currently I put about $300 per month into my XOWii business, I drink the products and share some. I earn between $900-$1500 per week right now. I almost earn 20 times what I put in each month! That’s an investment! Call (866-510-2282) to learn more now!

  3. GordonA1 says:

    Holy Cow! Is this ever going to help us in our recruiting with Max International!

  4. Masonawr says:

    Tubeviews [dot net] finally, a way for your video to be seen. I can’t believe what has been kept secret from us this whole time. Enjoy and Be Blessed!

    I like what i watched.

  5. rhondakhicks says:

    Great video. I like how you tied everything together. Great content.

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