Rhett and Link MOVIE?!?

locklearmovie.com Looking for Ms. Locklear is our award-winning, feature-length documentary. It’s been in the works for 3 years, and it’s finally available on DVD! YES, the DVD is region free and should work worldwide. Check out the trailer, as well as the link to purchase the movie, at http There, you can also learn about the discount we’re offering to members of our social network, the RhettandLinKommunity. If you’re totally impatient and don’t like discounts, you can go directly to the DVD purchase page here: createspace.com — Distributed by Tubemogul.

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  1. SillyVanilly12 says:

    Link is wearing an Emery shirt. I LOVE EMERY. You guys just keep getting better and better.

  2. broseph8897 says:

    We made a movie you wanna buy it. where’s that coming from? It’s me your conscience

  3. jennymccoy33 says:

    i want this movie

  4. Jackson Antonic says:

    hey rhett, you should grow a mullet!

  5. epicnate98 says:

    Now they’re just that much more awesome…

  6. iarenora says:

    *dirty blonde rockets into space

  7. anologuehedgehogs says:

    am i the only one that sees a fire in the background at 2:11 ????!!!!

  8. Joe Marciniak says:

    I also have a question for RhettandLink. Which responded to that question? Or were you both at the computer/laptop?

  9. daniel55645 says:

    it may just be me but seems like it would have been easiest to go to the school you went to and started there. probably would have been pretty easy then

  10. MultiMegify says:

    Nope, i’m straight and i think they’re attractive

  11. ChuckBangingNorris says:

    gosselinfan22 not all of us are gay.

  12. 22angad says:


  13. ponyboysgirl says:

    Gituars on fire

  14. corinthianreader says:

    you should have just asked the raven…

  15. ray2chy says:

    i’m so happy for you guys : )

  16. SmallTownGirltv says:

    “we made a movie. U want to buy it”
    Yes sir. Yes I do.

  17. Katie Heller says:

    :O I want to watch this >:U
    I love yew guys =w=b

  18. pingubrain says:

    whats film is the music at 00:13 from?

  19. EddyMcCool says:

    I Movie, in fact.

  20. WaitWhatTheHECK says:

    The music was made on an app called soundtrack. I know because I use that app.

  21. TheNumber2Pencil546 says:

    i wish i could netflix this

  22. ShermanFinwinkle says:

    where r links glasses?

  23. coolmountains25 says:

    Heck Yes make a movie! u two r hilarious u should write a movie for sure. i watched this in silent and it was hella funny the puppies and then the guy w/ the can who crushed stuff. ltr time to party.

  24. MultiFunkymonkey1 says:

    thats amazing that acctually made it

  25. MoMoneyLessProblemz says:

    “Have you ever known me to not know where I am?… Have you ever known me to be LOST” Wahahah _O-

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