Revolution Via Social Media

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  1. oodlesofosz says:

    @RocksSparky No this is terrible… The Marxist Communist Caliphate is coming… RUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN

  2. passportseller says:

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  3. Nemesis000000 says:

    @cerritoboy There is nothing whatsoever hawk-like about my position.

  4. cerritoboy says:

    @Nemesis000000 You sound like a Hawk. I dont like that at all

  5. Nemesis000000 says:

    @cerritoboy I wouldn’t say that. More beaurocracy is rarely a good thing. We should of course all pledge allegiance to all other nations that believe in freedom and have porous borders and trade and have relations, but not in the form of a bloated governing body that sucks money and doesn’t serve much purpose. You no doubt envision a body that doesn’t fit that description, but I don’t see how that is possible without taking away individual nations sovereignty.

  6. Thayer79 says:

    @Nemesis000000 I totally agree. The U.N. was a good experiment, but it is time to create a stronger unity alliance with more backbone.

  7. Thayer79 says:

    Yeah but the social networks are flooded with BS stuff that gets more attention than the important things. Like Bieber. The important issues are only viewed by those that give a crap. The rest of society doesn’t want to know the nasty parts of reality of the world. it doesn’t weigh on their minds if they don’t see it, and they choose ignorant bliss. If they don’t know about it then they don’t have to care about it or do anything about it. Moral and physical Laziness.

  8. Nemesis000000 says:

    It’s funny when they kicked Libya off the human rights council at the UN I looked at the other counries, and they include Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The UN is part of this problem, we should not be legitimizing these regimes.

  9. tcdowning666 says:

    @RocksSparky now if we can get a little freedom here in the U.S. that would be AWESOME!

  10. ChrisTripp says:

    @cerritoboy you are a retard

  11. cerritoboy says:

    The arabs are going after the people in power. They dont want democracy, they want a share of the pie. And the social networks do not play a role at all.

  12. InfamousArmstrong says:

    @toxzen giving people one more thing to protest

  13. toxzen says:

    @playerwithfaith we are being oppressed by a ruthless dictator.

    It’s called the corporation.

  14. toxzen says:

    now watch as nations across the globe enact laws further regulating the internet.

  15. MrDustock says:

    @theguruofreason yeah it was a leap in weeks when these protests happened doesn’t seem seasonal to me

  16. theguruofreason says:

    @MrDustock Totally right, the 20 cent LEAP in gas prices is obviously due to these revolutions in the Middle East, and have nothing at all to do with seasonal changes is gas prices. I obviously underestimated the pricing, now NO ONE will be able to afford a tank of gas if it costs $2 more! How will the Koch brothers fuel their jets?! Seriously, fuck those people dying in the streets outside of their homes for a chance to not live in constant fear of bombing, I need cheaper gas!

  17. edAVP1138 says:

    The medium is the message!!!!

  18. Razorlust says:

    How long will it take before there’s a revolution in the US to get back democracy??

  19. robinvan1983 says:

    @philthy122 and don’t forget the EU expansion of member states, Russian State own companies in gas and oil! Even rising power Brazil with its newly discovered oilfield has a state owned company. I think nothing really will be that dramatic, but The US is loosing it’s economic dominance in the world. The only thing they got going is the largest military force.

  20. robinvan1983 says:

    @philthy122 really? i guess they built the wall because they invaded countries and that is early chinese persieved other nations like the xiongnu as equals. ANd giving out loans and grabbing resources sounds familiar. The US seems to be doing that after WW2 as well never mind the oil deals they got from invading Irak. Also china is a huge exporter of products. It needs resources to actually produce teh stuff. hell there is a wood cutting ban because of natural disasters so they import it

  21. playerwithfaith says:

    @SoullessConviction Why do we need a revolution? We aren’t being oppressed by a ruthless dictator.

    And before you come back with a cutesy tired response about the american political system:

    Know that by doing so, you are insulting the people who actually HAD something to revolt about in those countries.

  22. kFIRmAGNOON says:

    “The Young Turks” is the name chosen by the host, Cenk Uygur, a Turkish citizen.
    Yes, TYT is a play on words, because it calls to mind “Progressives” and Turkey- the two things Cenk often identifies with.

    TYT = Cenk and Cenk = Turkish influence, therefore it’s valid to link TYT and Turkey.

    Relevant as TYT calls for open social media, when YouTube and Google are banned in Turkey.

  23. fakesmith797 says:

    @RocksSparky and now China and Vietnam!

  24. philthy122 says:

    @robinvan1983 I stand corrected, China and (to a lesser extent) India are of global concern.

    However only China has expressed a long held belief that they alone are the country which will rule the world. They are currently on a global land/resources grab hot on the heels of a recession using artificially inflated currency, throwing money at countries who’s economies were bad before the meltdown. Money who’s use will, in time, lead to a deeper economic crisis.

    India does not.

  25. xadam2dudex says:

    @MDUMANOVIC it was about the oil and power and the gas line in Afghanistan it had nothing to do with democracy that is propaganda

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